Editors note: This is an ongoing Q&A profile series on members in the community who serve on the Ardmore Beautification Council.

Barbara Hisey, trustee

Q: What made you decide to join the ABC?  

It started with the recycling committee, then was asked to be a Trustee.

Q: What projects with ABC have you enjoyed the most and why?

I especially enjoy the Garden Tour and Earth 1st Expo.  They seem to be the most impactful for the community. 

Q: What have you gained by serving on the board?

I am one of the board members who does not have a green thumb so every project/activity I am involved in is a learning experience. But beautification is not just having a “green thumb”,  it is the process of being a steward of our environment and taking care to ensure its value for future generations.  I am hoping to continue more recycling efforts here in Ardmore.