The city of Lone Grove’s newest council members were sworn in Monday night during a special meeting appointing Brian Marr and Jeremiah Evers to Wards 1 and 2. 

The two men were previously appointed during a meeting July 11, however, there was a mix up of wards. 

“I put the wrong person in the wrong place so we’ve got to make a motion to put the right person in the right place,” Mayor Jeff Matthews said.

Marr and Evers were appointed after road detachments from the city limits caused one council member to live outside of the ward, accounting for one vacancy, while another council member decided to quit. Marr and Evers will hold the seats until the next election, said City Manager Ian O’Neal. 

Marr said he spent most of his childhood in Lone Grove, leaving for a few years, but ended up coming back. Now, he’s looking forward to serving his community. 

“City management has always interested me a little bit, so this will further that seeking of knowledge to see how it’s all put together,” Marr said. 

Evers has lived in the community for about 30 years, adding city government is something he also finds interesting, and wanted to get more involved and familiar with how everything works. 

“(It’s) just something interesting to me, I want to help serve the town I’ve lived in my whole life. Just see how everything goes down,” Evers said. 

After being sworn in, the two council members were immediately put to work as the council went into executive session to discuss pending legal action with OpenGate Technologies. 

According to the OpenGate Technologies website, the company provides network support services, network security, backup disaster recover, cloud solutions, software and applicants and hardware solutions. 

City council also approved a consulting services proposal Monday by Rahhal Henserson Johnson, PLLC for the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year. Matthews said the proposal’s price is about $5,000 more than last year. 

The proposal was approved in the amount of $11,000 plus travel meals and other out of pocket expenses. O’Neal said the city is required to hire both an auditor and a consultant every year.