Former city commissioner Bob Geurin and Ardmore Police Chief Ken Grace met with members of the Norman Police Department and APD Motor Units Wednesday as the riders prepared to drive to Dallas to provide escort services during the funeral services for the Dallas officers killed in the sniper attack.

“It’s a big honor to be asked to serve as part of the escort,” Grace said as Sgt. Audie Gee and Officer DJ Long, APD Motor Unit, (left) prepared to ride to Dallas for the funeral procession.
Grace said he immediately approved the request for Gee and Long to join the Norman PD Motor Unit and numerous similar units that responded to the call for escort service.
“This is part of what motorcycle units do. They are asked to provide these kinds of services and it’s a honor for Audie and DJ, as well as the entire department to be able to support their Dallas brothers and sisters in blue,” Grace said.
The chief said the units gathered in Fort Worth before being dispatched to the various services for the fallen officers throughout the Dallas area.