Chances are, you’ve put your spiralizer to good use over the last few years. The advent of these nifty tools has proven that they’re a great way to get your fill of fresh veggies. tapped spiralizing expert Ali Maffucci, founder of Inspiralized, to share some lesser known produce that’s easy and delicious to spiralize and are real game-changers like:


Jicama is the perfect example of how spiralizing a vegetable changes not only its shape and texture, but also its flavor, says Maffucci. Jicama can be quite bland, but when it’s spiralized, seasoned, and cooked, it can become anything from shoestring French fries to the basis of a no-cook noodle salad. Plus, since it’s a perennial vegetable, you can find it in grocery stores year-round. To spiralize jicama, simply peel it (using a peeler or your fingers) and load it into the spiralizer (you may want to cut it in half if it’s too large). Jicama noodles can be eaten raw, or they can be roasted at 400 degrees for 10 to 20 minutes, or sautéed for about 5 minutes.