The American Banjo Museum has launched a new research project called the Banjo Players Directory.  Both an interactive museum exhibit as well as an online research tool, the Banjo Players Directory – funded by a gift from Paul and Theresa Poirier in memory of Emile “Pete” DeBlois - is a project aimed at cataloging as many banjo players as possible, both past and present, of all skill levels and playing styles.

“You don’t have to be Earl Scruggs or Béla Fleck to be listed in the directory,” said Johnny Baier, executive director the American Banjo Museum. “Any banjo player at any skill level should be part of the directory.  We want everyone listed, from the big names to the unsung individuals across this country and around the world who keep the banjo alive through performances everywhere from clubs and churches to their front porch.

“Any person who plays the banjo can be submitted to be listed on the directory. It can be you, a banjo band or another player you may know or want remembered. You don’t need to be famous, just a banjo player.”

Submitting a name for inclusion in the Banjo Players Directory is easy. Names and the city of residence of banjo players – both living and deceased – may be submitted either at the museum or on the website for a free listing. Enhanced listings including photos, biographical information and video links are available for modest donations to the project. The directory can be accessed in person through a kiosk at the American Banjo Museum or online at