Chances are, you’ve put your spiralizer to good use over the last few years. The advent of these nifty tools has proven that they’re a great way to get your fill of fresh veggies. tapped spiralizing expert Ali Maffucci, founder of Inspiralized, to share some lesser known produce that’s easy and delicious to spiralize and are real game-changers like:


Yes, you can spiralize broccoli — the stems, that is. It’s a little tricky and doesn’t yield perfect spirals, but it is doable, says Maffucci. The key is using broccoli with wide stems. Ideally, they should be no smaller than 1.5 inches in diameter, and as straight and long as possible, says Maffucci. (To find larger broccoli, shop at a farmer’s market or organic grocery store like Whole Foods.) Slice off the florets and cut off the bottom of the broccoli stem so that it’s even and flat. Load the stem onto the spiralizer and spiralize it as quickly as possible, applying strong pressure toward the blade. The noodles may not be pretty, so feel free to sauté them with other veggies, says Maffucci.