Rural fire departments across the state are receiving Oklahoma Operational Assistance Grants in the amount of $3,817.42 to assist with expenses such as firefighting equipment maintenance and purchases, insurance premiums and personal protective equipment. 

This year’s funding is being provided to 861 fire departments across the state that serve communities with populations of less than 10,000. The funds will be sent to fire departments electronically, as required by law, and made in two payments of $1,908.71 this year.  The operational grant funds have been awarded to the state’s rural fire departments since the 1980s with the intention to help them with the cost of day-to-day expenses. 

Area departments receiving funds include:

Dickson Fire Department 

Dillard Community Fire Department

Fox-Graham Volunteer Fire Department 

Gene Autry Fire Department 

Healdton Fire Department

Lone Grove Fire Department 

Ratliff City Fire Department 

Smokey Valley Volunteer Fire Department Association 

Sneed Volunteer Fire Department Assn. 

Springer Fire Department

Tatums Volunteer Fire Department Association

Wilson Fire Department

Wood Fire Department Association

Ringling Fire Department 

Bee Community Volunteer Fire Department Association 

Bromide Fire Department 

Coleman Volunteer Fire Department Association 

Connerville Fire Department 

Mannsville Fire Department 

Milburn Fire Department 

Mill Creek Fire Department 

Ravia Fire Department 

Reagan Volunteer Fire Department Inc. 

Tishomingo Fire Department 

Wapanucka Fire Department

Criner Hills Volunteer Fire Dept.

East Side Community Volunteer Fire Department Association 

Eastman Community Volunteer Fire Department Association 

Enville Volunteer Fire Dept. 

Falconhead Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

Greenville-Overbrook Volunteer Fire Department 

Jim Town Volunteer Fire Dept. Association

Lake Murray Village Volunteer Fire District

Leon Community Volunteer Fire Department Inc. 

Marietta Fire Department

Orr Community Volunteer Fire Fighters Association 

Shady Dale Volunteer Fire Department Assn. 

Thackerville Community Volunteer Fire Department


Buncombe Creek Volunteer Fire Department 

Enos Volunteer Fire Department 

Hauana Creek Volunteer Fire Dept. Association

Kingston Fire Department Marshall

Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department 

Madill Fire Department 

Texoma Fire District, Inc. 

The Soldier Creek and Caney Creek Fire Prevention


Tri-City Volunteer Fire Department 

Willis-Powell Volunteer Fire Department Association

Cedar Blue Volunteer Fire Protection Association 

Davis Fire Departmentay

Dougherty Fire Department 

Hickory Community Fire Dept. 

Joy Community Volunteer Fire Department Association 

Oak Grove Community Fire Department 

Rock Prairie Fire Dept., Inc. 

Sulpher Fire Department

Oklahoma Forestry Services is the state’s lead agency for wildland fire fighting and works with rural fire departments across the state to coordinate fire suppression efforts, provide training and improve fire capacity.