WILSON—The Wilson Public Schools Board of Education welcomed its newest member on Tuesday at the September regular meeting, as Justin Nipp was sworn in to Board Seat Number One.
Nipp takes the board seat of Riley Beck, who resigned in order to take a position within the school district. Beck will work as the director of maintenance, a position he worked at in the past, according to Wilson Public Schools superintendent Eric Smith. Smith said he is excited to have Nipp serving on the board.
“He going to be a good asset to the district,” Smith said.
Nipp, who has been involved in the community, serves as the volunteer fire department chief and attends many school events each year, said he previously expressed interest in running for a board seat and approached Smith about it when Beck resigned. He said the school had a list of potential candidates to appoint and ultimately went with Nipp as their appointment. He said he is excited about seeing the school’s “inner workings” and seeing how the school operates and functions, as well as helping the district anyway he can during challenging times.
“I just want to help the school get through the tough times and be ready for when we can improve things,” Nipp said. “Especially with the low budget situation.”
The board wasted no time getting to business after Nipp was sworn in.
The board approved several items in Nipp’s first outing on the board, with financials, field trips and student dress code all on the agenda.
The board also discussed the possibility of a transportation bond in the spring, which the board ultimately tabled discussions on.
“We have some room in the bond,” Smith said of the discussion. “We’d have around $150,000 to $175,000 for transportation upgrades. But we decided to wait and discuss it closer to spring.”
Smith said the newest vehicle currently in the fleet is three years old and it is in the timeframe the district tries to acquire new additions to the fleet. He said while the current amount they could get would buy about two buses, he would rather wait so the district could make more upgrades.
“We’re needing them (buses) in the district,” Smith said. “We’re really wanting to wait and if we could get it on a rotation that’s what we want to do.”
Nipp said his first experience on the board was productive and an educational experience for him. While he said he still has a lot to learn, he is excited to face the challenge of serving on the board and tackling the issues of the district.
“I’m excited to help and district,” Nipp said. “And excited to see how the district works from the inside.”