Editors note: It’s no secret there are hard working dogs and cats. But while some are tending to traditional animal jobs, like herding cattle or mousing in barns, others are going to work with their owners and are performing “people” jobs at local stores and offices, like this week’s dog that works.

Name and occupation:

Jax is a 5-month-old Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky mix. He goes to work with his owner, Kirstie Morales, a Carter County Animal Hospital kennel tech, “usually everyday.”

 Special talents:

Jax may be young and not have much experience in the workplace just yet. But what he lacks in workday knowledge he makes up for with sheer exuberance and a willingness to please. Kirstie says so far the two things Jax has mastered are “catching treats in his mouth,” and “messing with all the girls who work here.” While that may not sound like accomplishments that look impressive on a resume, knowing a trick or two is always noteworthy and it shows Jax isn’t just a pretty face, he’s smart too.  

Jax may just be an intern, but he’s showing promise according to all his office instructors — both human and canine. (Most of the employees at the veterinarian’s office also bring their pooches.

“They (other dogs) are all his buddies,” his owner explained.

What made him perfect for his people job/s:

He may seem a bit shy at first. However, Jax likes everyone — humans and pets. He’s learning to greet humans who are bringing their pets to the office for consultations, grooming or boarding and he’s also getting really masterful in demonstrating to pets who are visiting that the clinic is a safe, fun and interesting place.

Kirstie sums it up in this way — “He’s enthusiastic.”

Jax has earned high grades in his mantra of where there’s a will there’s a way.