A summit to discuss impaired driving issues is underway in the chambers of the House of Representatives. 

Attendees will discuss:

 ·       Enforcing alcohol-related impaired driving laws (relatively easy) vs. enforcing cannabis-related impaired driving laws (tricky and difficult)

·       How can we raise Oklahomans’ awareness and understanding of key substance-impaired driving issues?

·       What can we do to strengthen Oklahoma’s network of Drug Recognition Experts?

·       How is Colorado meeting the challenge of curbing cannabis-related impaired driving?

Speakers include: Commissioner Terri White, OK Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services,  Glenn Davis, coordinator of the Drugged Driving Task Force, Colorado Dept. of Transportation, Dr. Layne Subera, chairman of the OK Bureau of Narcotics Commission and member of the OK Opioid Guidelines Workgroup, Deborah Trombley, senior program manager for transportation, National Safety Council, Nathan Warren-Kigenyi, traffic safety research and analysis, AAA National Office, Washington.

In addition, “Road to Nowhere II” (produced by the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association) will be shown. This powerful 14-minute video takes a sobering look at the life of a teen who has become addicted to prescription drugs. It has been approved by the OK Dept. of Ed. for viewing by students Grades 4 to 10.