The Ardmore City Schools Board of Education approved several agenda items  during a special meeting on Wednesday related to an ongoing federal lawsuit filed against the school by the parents of a severely disabled child earlier this year.
During the meeting, the board approved items “granting the Superintendent of Schools and/or a designated board member discretion to enter into a settlement agreement” in Due Process Hearing 2093 and the federal lawsuit. The approval means a representative from ACS can negotiate and agree to terms of a settlement. ACS superintendent Kim Holland said he believes this is a step in the right direction in resolving the case.
“The board is anxious to resolve this,” Holland said. “I think we can come to an agreement.”
The board immediately went into executive session after opening the meeting and discussed the items for about 45 minutes before reconvening. The board spoke with Attorney Bo Rainey on the matters on a conference call during executive session, ACS board president Lori Capshaw announced after the session. The board then voted and approved the items.
The special meeting was
announced last week after a hearing was held in the case on Sept. 21. During that hearing, a two week continuance was requested, which set the next hearing date back to Oct. 10. Rainey, who is representing ACS, told The Ardomoreite last week that a two week continuance is generally requested to give the sides more time to discuss options.
Rainey could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.
Holland said ACS hopes to set up a mediation meeting “sometime next week” to discuss a possible settlement. He said the hope is to come to an agreement.
“I’m hoping the outcome will be that they will be happy and that we can serve him (the student) in the school district and take care of his needs,” Holland said. “We just want to get back to educating children so we’re hoping we can come to an agreement.”