A former employee of the Carter County Clerk’s office appeared in district court Wednesday to face a charge of embezzling county documents.
Becky Suzanne Wright, 55, appeared before Special District Judge Carson Brooks. The judge set bond at $5,000. Wright’s initial court appearance was followed by book-in procedures in the Carter County Detention Center. However, Wright posted bond within minutes of her arrival at the county jail and was released pending the outcome of the case against her.
The charge alleges that between March 2015 and March 2016 Wright, “secreted property valued at more than $25,000 …” that belonged to the Carter County Clerk’s Office and took the documents with “… the fraudulent intent to appropriate for use not authorized by owner …”
Jason M. Hicks, District 6 District Attorney, was assigned the case as special prosecutor by the attorney general’s office, after District Attorney Craig Ladd and his office were forced to recuse.
In a letter sent April 11 to First Assistant Attorney General Michael J. Hunter, Ladd wrote, “Recently allegations of misconduct were made by a former employee of Carter County Clerk Cynthia Harmon, Becky Wright, against Mrs. Harmon.  Mrs. Wright alleged that Mrs. Harmon altered a General Warranty Deed for the conveyance of real property prior to filing the same. Furthermore, Mrs. Wright claimed that even though the document bore the seal of a notary, the document was not properly notarized. The notary involved in the transaction is the spouse of an employee of mine.  At the time these allegations were made, Mrs. Wright claimed in a letter sent to numerous officials and entities, that Mrs. Harmon had ‘undue influence over District Attorney Craig Ladd …’
“At roughly the same time of Mrs. Wright’s allegation against Mrs. Harmon, claims were made by Mrs. Harmon and her deputy county clerks that Mrs. Wright, while employed with the county, had committed crimes of embezzlement by her misuse of county records, resulting in Mrs. Wright’s termination. Given that I have served as legal counsel for Mrs. Harmon for more than a decade, consider Mrs. Harmon to be a personal friend, employee the spouse of the notary involved in the transaction in question, and have been accused by the complainant to being unduly influenced by Mrs. Harmon, I am requesting that, pursuant to 19 O.S. 215.9, you reassign these matters to a different District Attorney for review and appropriate action.
“When such reassignment is made, please have the assigned District Attorney contact my office. I will make the documents available which pertain to this matter and were provided to me by the complainant.”
A total of 14 people, including an FBI agent and Marc Sanders, District Attorney’s Office chief investigator, are endorsed as witnesses for the state in the felony case against Wright. If convicted Wright faces from 0 to 10 years in prison and a fine of $0 to $10,000. A  case conference has been scheduled on Nov. 3.
Less than two weeks ago, Wright filed a civil case against the Carter County Commissioners claiming wrongful termination from her job in the court clerk’s office. Oklahoma City attorney Chris Hammons is listed as representing Wright in that case. No court dates have been set.