Ardmoreites will be able to satisfy their musical and physical hungers at the same time on Thursday. 

The Annual Ardmore Band Booster BBQ will begin at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday in Heritage Hall with barbecue and entertainment filling the hall, and stomachs, until 7 p.m. 

“They can expect a large BBQ sandwich, chips, beans, dessert and a tea or water,” Shelly Lugo, Ardmore Band Booster, said. “It’s a huge event.”

Lugo said the band has been doing the fundraiser for many years and it has become an event many members in the community look forward to. In addition to the food, a silent auction will be held for several items. The auction will end at 6:45 p.m. Visitors will be able to enjoy their barbecue with musical entertainment throughout the day, with the Ardmore Middle School Band performing at lunch and the Pride of Ardmore performing during a pep rally, which is scheduled at dinner time. 

All of the funds raised go toward the Ardmore Band Boosters, which help the Ardmore bands in various ways throughout the year.  

“The boosters help in situations where there are instrument repairs needed,” she said.”We buy t-shirts or have the uniforms cleaned. We get new chairs and things like that.

“We do what we can to provide for the band and for students that wouldn’t be able to be in band without our help.” 

This year Lugo said the boosters have their eyes on a bigger project for the band. 

“We’ve looked at getting a trailer that can haul everything, like the uniforms, instruments and hat cases,” Lugo said. 

Lugo said the band currently has a “box truck” that carries the uniforms and other equipment, but it has had problems in the past. She said many other bands come to competitions with a trailer and said those bands “have lot of pride” in their trailer and program. She said a trailer would provide students not only something to be proud of, but that can make an immediate impact. 

“It’ll last for years to come,” she said. “It’d be an investment that would make a big impact and provide for students for many years.” 

Lugo said a trailer that would fit Ardmore’s needs and specifications would cost an estimated $15,000-$30,000. She said the boosters began setting money aside a few years ago for the project.

Tickets cost $10 for the meal and can be purchased from any band member or at the door. Lugo said if businesses in the community want to place large orders they can deliver the meals to their establishment.