The public will have a chance next week to “pass go” and collect tips for a healthy lifestyle. 

The Ardmore High School Health Corps are inviting the public to attend the club’s health fair from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. 3 in Noble Stadium. The fair’s theme this year is “Monopolize Your Health: Take a Chance on a Healthy Community,” based on the popular, classic board game Monopoly. The fair will offer a community chest full of activities, which the group has been preparing for since the end of last year’s fair.  

Preparing for the fair has been no walk through the Park Place. 

“It’s been a lot of time staying after school and a lot of glueing things together,” Caterra Williams, Ardmore High School Health Corps council member and public relations representative, said. “It’s fun though because we all get to work together and we all have the same goal.” 

Williams said the group went to a retreat this summer in Norman, where they planned out the year and began talking more in-depth about the fair. She said the group’s goal is to improve on last year and provide a meaningful experience to attendees at the fair. In keeping with the theme, several booths will have different available options and activities, including games, food, information and other resources. 

More than 25 booths will create the atmosphere of the fair, with group zumba, a meditation station, an obstacle course, a smorgasbord of healthy food choices, resources and information from various organizations and even a jail, though guests will only be “just visiting.” 

Guests will also be able to roll the dice at the “Food Factor” booth, which will allow guests to put their taste buds to the test. 

“People are going to be blindfolded and they have to taste a healthy food and try to guess what it is,” Lindsay Maurice-Walker, AHS Health Corps coordinator, said. “Then we take the blindfold off and show them what it is and tell them all the healthy benefits of it.” 

Guests looking to give their taste buds a tour of the board will also be able to try samples of food from around the globe at the “Eating Around the Board” booth. With so many different options, Williams said guests of all ages should have no problem having a fun, educational experience. 

“I would like them to go to each booth because each booth has it’s own takeaway,” Williams said. “But all together just to learn different ways of healthier living.” 

Maurice-Walker said the students and her are ready to see months of planning and work come together. 

“It’s going to be good,” Maurice-Walker said. “The students are getting really into it and it’s all just a matter of them coming together.

“I just can’t wait to see the finished product. It’s going to be really good.” 

Maurice-Walker said if the weather is poor the fair will be moved to the field house by Noble Stadium. She said the entire group is looking forward to providing the community an oasis of healthy living information and they are thankful to everyone who has made the fair possible, including sponsors Culligan Water in Ardmore, Dot Foods and the Chickasaw Nation. 

Following the fair, she said the group takes surveys and determines what worked and didn’t work at the fair, a process that Maurice-Walker said provides the group with feedback for next year. 

“We ask and see if they really got a good takeaway from the health fair,” she said. “People saying ‘oh I learned a really good recipe I’m going to try with my family’ or ‘I learned the importance of stress and what effects it has on the body.’ So we have that question in our survey and if they put down they had a really good takeaway or at least learned something at the health fair than I think it was a success.

“It’s all about raising awareness and getting people to start thinking about and considering their well-being.”