LONE GROVE—I don’t think we’re in Lone Grove anymore, Toto.
Alessia Antuono and the Lone Grove High School Student Council took 39 schools attending the Oklahoma Association of Student Councils District 3 Convention down the yellow brick road on Oct. 26 with a skit that highlighted what Lone Grove and Student Council are all about.
“Our main campaign was about including everyone and how everybody, no matter who you are, everybody has a place,” Antuono said. “That’s Student Council’s job is to kind of involve everyone and include everyone and that was our main point we wanted to get out there.”
Antuono was voted District 3 vice president at the convention, a first for Lone Grove.
“We haven’t ever attained VP or president of the district at Lone Grove,” Christi Frederick, Lone Grove Student Council adviser, said. Frederick said typically, larger schools win the offices as they can campaign more and have larger programs.
Antuono and the Lone Grove students used an old story to present a new concept to the 600 plus students packed into Lawton Eisenhower High School.
The skit was based around the classic film The Wizard of Oz, but with a personal Lone Grove touch.  
“I had been trying and hoping to run ever since my freshman year so I’ve been thinking quite some time about skits and speeches,” she said. “The point was to try to get everyone involved and I kept thinking what am I going to do with that and it kind of just came to mind.
“Wizard of Oz everybody knows it and most people have seen it and they know the story of it. So, I thought ‘what if we can put a twist on that?’”
The Wizard of OASC, as they named the skit, featured the classic characters of the original tale, but placed in the “strange land of OASC.” The scarecrow had no brains, the Tinman lacked a heart and the Lion had no courage. In the skit Dorothy, played by Antuono, assures each of the characters that they can not only be a part of Student Council regardless of their self-perceived flaws, but that student council can help them develop new skills.
Antuono said based on the crowd’s reaction, their creativity and preparation were their ruby red slippers to show there is no place like Lone Grove.
“Our skit hit home with some people,” she said. “It shows through student council everyone can be involved and have a place.”
“Every student really brought their personality and they made the characters come to life,” Fredrick said.
After the four schools performed their skits, a vote was taken. Antuono said she was in awe when it was announced she had won, something she dreamed of doing since her freshman year.
“It’s kind of hard to comprehend,” she said smiling. “I still haven’t fully grasped it yet. It’s pretty cool because we’re a smaller school so normally the bigger schools run and get the offices so it’s kind of unbelievable in a way but it’s really cool.”
While Antuono said preparing the skit was stressful at times and required a lot of practice and work, the journey to finally performing the skit and achieving their goal was worth the long emergency practices and meetings. Antuono said she has already began contacting other district officers in preparation for the upcoming year. Frederick said seeing the students come together and achieve a goal captures the biggest elements of student council.
“It’s amazing because it’s very much student led,” Frederick said of the skit and the organization. “I told them from the beginning I’m here for support and direction. This is a wonderful organization.
“It’s a good way to connect with tomorrow’s leaders.”
Antuono said she is excited for the upcoming work she’ll be doing in the district and seeing how Lone Grove can make an impact in the district. She said she hopes to continue being a leader after high school and plans to go into student leadership in college, as well. Being a part of student council, she said, has shown her what is possible with planning, work and supporters around her.
“It shows us it is possible to be in leadership beyond high school,” Antuono said. “And if they’ll take me I’ll definitely be a part of it (student government).”