Holiday savings tips abound this year, but what consumers really need to know are the tools they should be keeping in their shopping arsenal this year. Black Friday can be a fun-filled day of savings if you are armed with the right tools, which is why put together this list of the Top 6 Items You Need to Win Black Friday.

A Credit Card That Offers Extended Warranties – By shopping with a credit card that automatically protects the products you purchase under the card, shoppers can save hundreds of dollars avoiding expensive warranty packages that electronics companies offer. A Budget App – Use apps like Mint to keep track of your holiday spending in addition to the other bills you have on a monthly basis. A Shopping Cart Add-On – Use a browser extension add-on like the one offered from While you're shopping online, the browser extension looks for the top coupons offered at the stores you are shopping. A Price comparison tool – Whether you're using the tool online or choose to use an app, tools like PriceGrabber allow you to quickly do your research on products to see if you are truly getting the best deal available. Discounted Gift Cards – If you know you are planning to shop at specific stores, plan ahead by buying discounted gift cards to those retailers. This tactic can typically save you an extra 3-5% on top of holiday savings. Look at sites like and Cardpool. A Gift List – Using a gift list that specifies exactly how much you want to spend on each product or person will help you avoid splurging when it comes to seeing a tempting sale or deal.