Laura Bates, Janet Paige Ward and Aaron Randow have been chosen by the staff of Sunshine Industries, Inc. as Employees of the Quarter.

Bates was born and raised in Durant, where she graduated from high school and now lives in Ardmore. She has worked at Sunshine for 16 years. Currently, Bates works for environmental services and litter control.

“I always want to help out and make work fun,” Bates said, adding that her work philosophy is two-fold.

“I put a smile on my face and don’t stop until the job is done.”

Janet Paige Ward was born and raised in Blanchard. She and her husband, Donald, and their four children, Tristan, Jordan, Andrew, and Allison, now live in Ardmore. Ward has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has worked at Sunshine for 4  ears where she serves as director of finance.  

Ward says her job has taught her one important fact about people.

“Working at Sunshine has taught me that everyone is special in their own way,” she said.

Fifteen years ago, Randow moved from Kerrville, Texas to Ardmore. He has his Bachelor of Science in Education from Texas State University in San Marcos. Randow has worked at Sunshine for 12 years, beginning as a vocational program manager and now serves as a habilitation training specialist in the Residential Service Program.

“Having worked in both the vocational and residential fields at Sunshine has been a happy and rewarding experience,” he said. “Not only is the service we provide for our clients with disabilities great, the people at Sunshine are outstanding.”

Randow and his wife, Camille, share five children and 10 grandchildren.  

Employees of the Quarter are awarded gift certificates from the business of their choice.

Sunshine Industries, Inc.’s mission is to enable people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to achieve full potential and an enhanced quality of life.