An invoice for what should be the last property acquisition needed at Cottonwood Creek for the Memorial Bridge project was approved by Carter County Commissioners on Monday. 

“So we should be able to go out to bid soon,” District 3 Commissioner Jerry Alvord said. 

Invoices from Pinnacle were also approved for property acquisition at Walnut Creek where a low water crossing project will take place at the intersection of Exxon and Midway roads. Alvord said they are still waiting on at least one more acquisition for that project.


Safety incentive issues

Commissioners also made a small change to criteria needed for the Carter County Safety Incentives in order to help county employees meet the criteria when work interferes. 

Alvord said county employees are required to make a certain number of meetings to be eligible for the incentives, but what they’ve found is that sometimes with jury dockets, or even time sensitive work out in the districts, an employee will miss a safety meeting. 

“It’s not really fair that work has taken them away and they’re no longer eligible,” Alvord said.

The clause, which will go into effect for calendar year 2017, states that any employee absent to a Carter County work related event can be excused with the acceptance of the Board of Carter County Commissioners. 

“So long as it’s approved, there are exceptions to the rule,” Alvord said. 


Emergency contact magnets

Commissioners approved a distribution agreement with Legacy Magnets in order to continue to distribute free magnets that list emergency numbers in Carter County. 

“We don’t pay anything for them, we’re just a distributor,” Carter County Clerk Kayelyn Clubb said.  

Alvord said the magnet company obtains sponsors in order to pay for the production of the magnets, which the county then gives away. The only reason it comes across the commissioners’ desk is because any time the county engages in, or signs a contract, it must be approved by the commissioners. 


Annual status reports

The annual status reports for 2016 from Districts 1, 2 and 3 were approved Monday, as well. District 1 Commissioner Joe David McReynolds said the report shows the county chipped and sealed a total of 20.1 miles. It showed District 1 with 11.6 miles, District 3 with 8.5 miles and District 2 with zero. 

“Sometimes these status reports are slightly misleading,” Alvord said. 

The reports deal with products, or materials that left each district’s yard. So if the materials were not in the yard, they do not make the status report, he said. 

“So if we chip-sealed a road and that road was closer to Dolese, it doesn’t make any sense hauling it 10 miles from our yard to the road when we can haul it three miles from Dolese to the road,” Alvord said, adding the report doesn’t always give all the information. 

“It’s only work that we do with our labor, not that we contracted out,” McReynolds added. 

Other items approved by commissioners Monday included the following:

• Road crossing permit for XTO Energy across Landmark Road, north of Dickson

• County officers’ reports

• Requisitions and purchase orders for county highway, general government and all cash accounts