An 8-inch high pressure refined products pipeline along a county-line road will be relocated and moved deeper into the ground in preparation for a Dolese Quarry road construction project. 

District 3 Carter County Commissioner Jerry Alvord said the relocation will be funded by the State of Oklahoma and no county funds will be used. 

“It’s only about a foot deep now,” Alvord said, regarding the depth of the pipeline. State regulations require it to be buried at a certain depth so, “it’s gotta be moved.”

Alvord said he believes the pipeline will be buried approximately 10 feet underground once relocated. The pipeline is currently located about 150 yards west of a fireworks stand on the road, he said. 

The state estimated the relocation will cost approximately $344,185, which includes any potential prices that could come up, Alvord said. However, the actual cost could be dramatically lower. 

“There’s a creek and a water line there, so there’s potential environmentals they’re going to have to cross,” he said. 

County commissioners also approved Monday to advertise for bids for one or more new trailer-mount pothole patchers. District 1 Commissioner Joe David McReynolds said his district is in need of a new one. 

“Our other one’s 11 years old. We’ve about worn it out,” McReynolds said. 

The pothole patcher used to be operated with a four-man crew when the county was able to utilize Department of Correction inmates, but since they were relocated, McReynolds said a two-man crew has been doing a “pretty good job.” 

“Just two guys have been doing it. They’ve been swapping off. One will drive for a little while then the other one will work,” he said. 

Alvord added that District 2 has three, one-man trucks and his district has one that has had to pick up a lot of slack. 

“When the jobs allow and I can pull people from elsewhere, we still will run the multiple-man truck that we don’t use nearly as much without the DOC people,” he said, adding the needs are different for each individual district. 

Commissioners approved requisition and receiving officers for the Sheriff’s department Monday, as well. Sheriff Chris Bryant submitted some forms to temporarily carry them to the first of the year, at which point he said he will have to re-submit names of receiving and requisitions officers. 

Bryant designated Jennifer Jolly and Tommy Handke as receiving officers and himself and Melissa Darter as requisition officers. 

Other items approved by commissioners Monday included the following:

• Reimbursement to Pinnacle for acquisition of land on the Walnut Creek low-water crossing project at Exxon and Midway roads

• Transcript of Proceedings and a county deed for auctioned property 

• County officers’ reports

• Requisitions and purchase orders for county highway, general government and all cash accounts