More than $1 million of rehab and replacement of sewer lines and manholes was approved Monday by the Ardmore Public Works Authority during their regular meeting.
The quote for the work was from Insituform, with whom Director of Utilities Shawn Geurin said they have had a good working relationship. Geurin said the quote, totaling $1,196,980, will also help them stay under budget.
“We budgeted $1.3 million for these projects, so we have a little bit left over to the side,” Geurin said.
Listed on the contract were a total of 24 manhole rehab projects including 14 replacements, six new lines with a new ring and lid, two installations, one line-only project and one trough work project. There were 28 main line rehab projects listed, as well, including projects like point repair, lines being raised and replaced or even upsized.
“They’ve got a lot of work coming up and they’ll have until the end of this Fiscal Year to get those completed,” Geurin said.
While they are currently coming in under budget with the rehab of sewer lines and manholes, Geurin said there are still some more projects on the horizon not included in the $1 million quote, including a project on Stanley Street.
The public works department recently completed the west portion of Stanley Street and turned it over to the engineering department who is now working on the road construction side of things.
Public works will soon be focusing their attention to the east portion of Stanley Street. Geurin said he is expecting to get numbers next week, which will come in two different quotes, one for water and one for sewer. Those numbers are not included in the $1 million figure approved Monday.
The floods that saturated the area last year are also still causing problems.
“We still have some issues somewhere that we haven’t found,” Geurin said, adding some damage occurred that caused the issues to crop up, but they are continuing to analyze the situation while they chip away at their master list of projects.
Trustee Sheryl Ellis asked for a ballpark figure on how far along they are on infrastructure upgrades, which Geurin estimated to be 15 to 20 percent.
“We have done some good work,” Geurin said. “I have visited with the Sewer Collection Department on a consistent basis on this and a lot of problems they had in the past that were constant, constant problems have all gone away, which has been really helping out.”
“The work will never end. It will go on forever because once we get (all) this replaced, once we get through the list in say, 10, 15, 20 years, we start all back over.”
After approval to declare a residential sanitation side loader and a commercial sanitation front loader as surplus, the authority also approved the purchase of a new residential side loader in the amount of $203,100.
Geurin said the two surplus vehicles would be used as trade-ins for the new side loader, with each being traded in for $30-35,000.
The authority also approved a quote received from Evans Enterprises to perform repairs at the Dornick Hills lift station in the amount of $8,526.20. Geurin said it is just for general repairs, which are budgeted for in the wastewater treatment plant fund.