Voters still think the United States needs to spend more on defense, but they’re also more inclined to pull U.S. troops out of Europe if the countries there don't meet their fair share of the costs.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey of 1,000 likely voters finds that 44 percent now believe the United States should remove its troops from Western Europe and let the Europeans defend themselves if they refuse to pick up more of the costs involved in doing so. Thirty-two percent disagree, but 24 percent are undecided.

President-elect Donald Trump argues that U.S. taxpayers should not still be paying for the defense of European nations that don’t pay their fair share for their own defense. Support for removing troops from Western Europe in general, regardless of cost, has remained in the high-30s since 2014. It last reached 44 percent in August 2013.