Lone Grove
Mrs. Eads’ First Grade
Dear Santa, I wat a bike for ChristmaS. IS RudolPh real? Are You  reindeer? How manY reindeer do You have? H ManY ProSentS do You give to the KidS? ThanK YoU for the PreSntS. Love, Star
Dear Santa, I wT home PS. I want a bike, xbox one, new games and a Scotter. I love You Santa. Love, Chance
Dear Santa, For Christmas I wish for a toy car and a few NERF guns, and some boots. Love, Ethan Ellis
Dear Santa, I would like a Barbie doll and a good Christmas and a bike and a dollhouse. Love, Rayah Fixico
Dear Santa, Is Sudolph Real? I Love your elfS. I want a Drum Set. How do you get around so fast? I Hope everyone is doing oK. Love, Rylen Floyd
Dear Santa, I would like to have a Pad and a star wars Legos set and some guns and maybe ah xbox. I have been reealy good. I Love you. Love, Jonah Fuentes
Dear Santa, I Want a tetherball and a remote control car. I wa nt a drome With a Camera to find deer. Love, Trenton Harris
Dear Santa, I whant a brand new Bike How many ElFs do you have I Love Christmas. Love, LATREvin
Dear Santa, I have been really good this year. I would like an Elf on the shelf and to have a good Christmas with my family. Love Allyson
Dear Santa, I would like a toy cat, an easy bake oven, a tablet. I hope you and your reindeers have a nice trip. Oh and Please don’t forget my ALANA please. Love, Zoie
Dear Santa, I love You. Mere Christmas. I have been good. Wood You tel Mrs. Clause thank You for the cookes. Haw old is Your  randir? You are the best. Love, Braxten
Dear Santa, You are the BeSt. I want a tablet. I want a big Barbie house. I want a american girl doll. I want a bb gun. I want a big makeup set. I want a little barbie doll. I want a Swing Set. I want a pair of ear rings. I want a necklace. Thank you have a good Christmas. HoHoHoHo Love, Tia
Dear Santa, what I want for cristmas is a Hamster and a Book and a charger for my hoverBoard and a bunny stuffed. Love, Josilyn
Dear Santa, I think I was good this year so I am askins for Some pokemon cards, A touch screen phone. Love, Zackery
Dear Santa, I love you and my family very much. I have been very good This year and would like a robot for Christmas! Love, Bradyn Pemberton
Dear Santa, I want for Christmas. I like to come to you and play with You! I like to come and see all your elfs ok. And I want is a dall and a bike, and a bow and a bunny, and a neKlase for mom with a buttrfly. I want a elf for Chrismas or Santa. Merry Chrismas Santa. Love, Elizabeth Rich
Dear Santa, Please bring my dogs some bones, Santa. I will give you some cookies and milk. Santa please give my sisters and brothers some presents my niece and Fat Fat my dog some presents. I would like a new bike. I Love my mom and daddy. Love, Kaine Roberts
Dear Santa, I Love you I realy want realy Good Stuff I Hope You like are coockes I want I toy dog that darks and a stuff animal Do not make it biger then teddy give mis Santa a kiss and glifs and give me a ornamint too! Give to the World Love, Adde Steele
Dear Santa, I wot a donce. I wot a braslt. I wot caw. I wot a caw Boe hat. I wot a Boost. I wot Sum goodis. War do You liv. I wat pokenon. War is Rodof. Do you like Cooces. Haw do You mack presis. I Love Yoo. Love, Brier
Dear Santa, I wish you have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you get all of the presents delivered in time. Please bring me a hover board rip stick and a ds. Love, Briar Woodruff

Mrs. Eddy’s First Grade
Dear Santa, I have been a good girl This Year, but my sister has been naughty. Thank you For Sending Kringle and Klover my elf’s home. Please can you bring two things this year at Christmas, a Big girl bed and a American Doll. I will have cookies and milk waiting for you. Thank you. Love, AsPYN Bates
Dear Santa, Two roller blades a football and a basketball. Love, Coby
Dear Santa, may I have a x box 1 and a FX mega pokemon cors and a mega Xy pokemon cors. Love, Justice
Dear Santa, I have allwaze wantid to met you for my life and i love you so much Santa and you are the best i love you so so much how do you fly with randere i just want to no how you do it how did you become Santa clos allwaze want to no I am allwaze nise not nodey I love joone B jonse sume pepl. Love, Mahkayla
Dear Santa, I would like A new Bike for Christmas. I would also like a new Pair of Sandels, thay are carter’S – ciZe 2. I will Be Sure to give you Sume milke and cooces. I would like A new BaBy mare Christmas. Love, Payton
Dear Santa, I want a Hovr Board and some vedo games and a I pad and a New traplen and some poke mon cards a snakes cup and some presets for Kids in the halspeDl. Love, Chase
Dear Santa, I want a new gold power ranger suit. I want a target too Shoot with my bow, bullets for my nerf gun and new guns too. New legos. A stuffed bear and a bunny Since Tig the puppy tore mine up. The checkers game and a new shot gun. Tell the elves and reindeer hi. Love, Daxx Deen
Dear Santa, I would like a Nerf gun and my brothers too so we can play. I wish my mom had real flowers for Christmas. I wish smudge and bubbegum have a new cat toy. I wish dad had a football cavered in diamonds. Love, Zack
Dear Santa, I would Like sick Bricks, creation crystals and a star wars blade builder set. And a mickey for my little brother. Merry Christmas. Love, Jace Duggan
Dear Santa, I want for Christmas is a helicopter, a lego movie pirate, robot, an action figure, a green lantern action figure. Love, Kamdyn
Dear Santa, I have a sistr and a Dad and a mom and a new BaBey and a Elf on the Shelf I don’d now if thank obt it take the Kids a toy that don’t have ine thng tank you. Love, Olivia Gunter
Dear Santa, I would like a RC Bugatti car, star war pillow, pokemon cards, a bike, and hot wheels. I would like all the foster kids to have bikes and trampoline to do flips. Please and thank you, Love, Korbin
Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like a I Pod and headPhones Selfie Stick. I love you. Thank you. Love, Kaylee
Dear Santa, I would like a remott Heilacopter and Elsa Doll. Love, Adrian Lockwood
Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a time machine imaginext i Don’t have and a computer Flowerset for outside and a Jeep I kan drive and a nightlite and a Bookset so i can write my own Bookset all Soa chest. Love, Jude Melton
Dear Santa, My name is Eva I want for Christmas a gymnastics bar. I Love tumbling. My other wish is that all kids get presants. Please Santa I know you can do it I already Said my prayer I will leave extra cookies and a big cup of milk. Love, Eva
Dear Santa, I want for Christmas Some pokemon cards, pokemon DVD, some pLANts vs ZomBiEs books, a magic set and a dino charge sword. Love, Jacob Tidwell
Dear Santa, I have been good this year.  I would like some Legos. I would also like a robot dog. Love, Autumn
Dear Santa, Bike, Scooter, Game, X Box, Pretty Please. Love, Bryndan
Dear Santa, I no perry my elf has ben teleng you I have ben a good girl this year. I wood like a American girl doll. Love, Skila

Mrs. James’ First Grade
Dear Santa, I want a skateboard please. So I can skate down ramps and do cool tricks. I would like a tablet to play games and watch Netflix. I also want a drone to record videos and fly it. Please Santa I really want these for Christmas, thank you so much. Love, Jasper
Dear Santa, I want a big E with a intercontinental champion belt. I also want a karaoke machine, WWe 2N7 xbot 360 game, madden 17 NFL xbox 360 game, tyler breeze WWe elite figure, enzo Amore and big cass figures, and I wished I could see granddad Larry, Maggie and Nana again. Thank you for my Presents. I love you Santa and elves. Love, KReiden Luke Almon
Dear Santa, I Want a Soomer Kittey. I want a Little frog. I want a Soomer Heggy. I want more Beads. Can I have them Shaped Like stars? Do you have a toy mishene? Why do you have a hat? Why do you have red and white? Thank you. Love, Kyra Brown
Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is a bow and arrow or a nerf disc Gun blaster. Thank you. Love, Lyndon Summers
Dear Santa, I Love you. You are the best. Can you get me a Zoomer puppy, I hope you get one for me. Please! Love my mom and dad. Love, Sophie
Dear Santa, I am megyn Steele and I have been very good this year. Would you please bring me these gifts. treehouse, dollhouse, dolls, Clothes, robot-dog, A bird, A kitten, Also, please bring my sisters And my dogs something too. Thank you for everything! I Love you Santa! P.S. Please bring my teacher some easie r work! Love, Megyn
Dear Santa, IS Mrs Claus Doing Well? I Love you. I Would like a new stroller please. Is prancer real? Can my brother Ayde haVe a new phone? I tried to be good this year. Love, LiLy Floyd
Dear Santa, I Hop you have a good Christmas this year this is comig do fash Christmas isn’t about what you get it’s just love what you get Christmas when you Love Christmas it’s like a baby with Love. Love, Dominic
Dear Santa, How is Rudolph? If you don’t mind I would like to have a nerf gun. Then I Would like X-box-S. WWe2K17. I have been very good This year. Thank you for sending NoaH my elf on sHelf. Love, Landon Blackwood
Dear Santa, I’ve been a good girl this year. I want a hatchimal for Christmas. That is all. I will make you sugar cookies, Brittlynn will make them-they are the best and Icelynn will make some too and how is Rudolph doing and Please make sure that all kids get presents as much as I do. Love, Kinley Madason Peace
Dear Santa, I love, you. Can you please git me a American Girl Doll and stuff For Her like a Bed a cHair a Desk anD clothes. I have Been very Good this year. I Love my mom and chris very much and Hope they Have a Good cHRistmas too. CanDycane says Hi. I love payton anD kobi anD we will c see u very soon. Love, Emalyn Dunn
Dear Santa, your creative? your elves are creative? Your elves are cute and cool? Santa, I want a toy dinosaur. Love, Aiden
Dear Santa, I want legos and I want Legos sets. I want a Thomas JumPing train tracks. I want Big Dinosaur with bolders that shoots out of his belly. I want a 1-SX-Box. Love, Robert ClaRk
Dear Santa, I wunt a big robot, silandrs a maginaters, Piv Fas showdown, to Big balls that you can get in, BB8 and fors Band. My bruthar wold like a nerf gun. My dad wunts a rel gun. My mom wold like a necklis. Love, Boston Baxter
Dear Santa, I have been a good boy this year. So for Christmas I would like a video games and legos. Also for all my friends and family to be happy. P.S. tell rudolph hi aNd my mommy will leave milk cookies out. Love, Kash CARROll
Dear Santa, I love you. You are not naughty but you are nice. We will always love you. I appriciate you loveing and caring. How do you deliver it all in one night. It’s awsome and very cool. Love, Annabelle
Dear Santa, all I want is Hugs and Kisses I wan’t a BarBie and I wan’t a for sanat to toy in the wolrd like a BarBie with to head and my mom home. Love, Serenity
Dear Santa, I wish all kids have a presnt. I love chrismas. I Love that chrismas beces it is gesessis birthbay. I want Terraria Basketball goal, tetherball poll, Books, drone, ticks to Lego land Please. Love, Steele Thompson
Dear Santa, I want a Phone a laptop or a tablet please. Love, Pearce

Mrs. Long’s First Grade
Dear Santa, I have been good. I have been working on my grades. I would like nom noms lip gloss truck, American Girl cloths, wii u game, and a 20 inch bike. I was wondering if Mrs. Claus flies with you in the sleigh? Love, Mattie McLean
Dear Santa, I love you so much I wish that every good boy and girl get what they want for christmas. I hope that you are working hard to get the gifts ready for all the kids. I will leave you a healthy snack for energy during your long trip. Thank you for everything you do and this is my story. Love, Zane
Dear Santa, I want a fire thruk, grbch thruk, trane, 100 nerf guns. Love, Kyle R.
Dear Santa, for being a really good boy. And only harassing my brother and sister a little I would like a ninja turtle mikey toy. I also would like a new action figure. I also would like for you to bring toys to all the good little girls and boys. Thank you very much Santa. Love, Blaze
Dear Santa, I what a police moyorcyclle for christmas and a drone. I love Santa. Love, Phillip
Dear Santa, Plees help the Peepel in the children chelter. can I have a elf on the shelf. can I have some Lip stick. can I have a puppy. Merrey ChristMas. I hope you have a Merrey ChristMas This year. can you plees bring my bruther a presunt for Christmas. Love, Whitley Smith
Dear Santa, i want a ps4 and the new call of duty and a bike and sharp shot and the glowe shot and ndrus rifle dart gun. I love Santa. Love, cade Turpin
Dear Santa, Im glad theat you’r elvs Help you! Im  glad God made you! I love you! Thank you for breing Preses every yare! I wat some sogrs for cHismis. Love, Bryson
Dear Santa, I want a puppy, xbox one, MinecraFt, dirt bike, Bull riding set, and a football. Please bring Asher a bucking bull. I want toy reindeer. Love, Aiden
Dear Santa, This is what I want for Christmas a rosalina doll, a mario doll, a princess peach doll, a new wii game, a minnie coking kitchen, a cash register, and a mermaid tail. I know this is a lot to ask for, but I will leave you some milk and cookies. Love, Addison A.
Dear Santa, Hi. My name is Georgia. Im a good girle. icecrem makre for Addison and a Kot Kanbe makre for madde and a icecrem makr and a Kot Kanbe makr. Happe Christis day God blles you, be saf riding your slae. What do you wunt for Christmas. Love Georgia
Dear Santa, I want more clothes for Christmas. Hey santa some kiss want more toys. Love, caden
Dear Santa, How are you? I am good. For Christmas I would like every kid to get a present. Love, myKa Tinnell
Dear Santa, I wot the BEN Sol NrFGEN FcEs HloNvr FcES. Love, matthew
Dear Santa, Merry Christmas, I Love you. God loves you. Jesus loves you. I think my friends are on the good list. and me! I wan’t the people to love each other. For Christmas I wan’t a hatchimal and a toy dog. thank you for working so hard to make Kides So happy. Thank you Santa. Love, AVA
Dear Santa, Could you give the kids that don’t have homes presents? We thank you for the presents I love you. Do you love me? How did you find Rudolph? Could you get me and the other girls in the world doll. Love, Kinlee
Dear Santa, I would like my two front teeth to grow in. For Christmas I would like a battel drone please! Could I get an Elf on The Shelf? I hope you hav a nice trip. Enjoy the cookies! Love, Dwight
Dear Santa, How are you? I would like a soocter. My sister would like a Doll, and Merry Christmas! Some toy cars would be nice too. Oh ya don’t for get all the other childern. Thank you. Love, Anthony Koal Trevino
Dear Santa, Hi my name is Jill. PleaSe bleSS MY family and MY Teacher and also my friend’S PleaS make sure They are HaPPY and get what They wan’t for Christmas. Love, Jill

Mrs. McMurtrey’s First Grade
Dear Santa, I hope the elves are doing good, and you. For Christmas, I would like you to remember my missionary brother in Mexico. My sister in the Army is coming home to visit us for Christmas. I hope that after Christmas you will have another good year. Hope you have a great Christmas! Love, Nathan Renkiewicz
Dear Santa, I would like to have an elf, a horse, a tv, a puppy, some clothes, s big mirror for my room, and a new toy box, and a lot of toys, a note book. Love, Bayli
Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is a Cinderella doll and a tangled doll. Love, Skyla
Dear Santa, I want a blue four wheeler and a blue ipod. please bning me a blue purse too. I also want blue lipstick. white caulk. Love, Kayley Corbell
Dear Santa, Hello! How are you doing? I want a new bike, Lego Dimensions, Ex, Xy, shiny cards. Bat man Lego poster. Love, Jagger
Dear Santa, For Christmas I like to have a bike, tv and donuts. Love, Sam Lail
Dear Santa, Thanks Santa for my presents. I want a .22 Rifle. I want a Rocket fishing Rod. a drone with a camera. a bracelet for mom. a gun shells for dad. A horse for clessie. Love, Carson
Dear Santa, I would like a NFl Football, Foshing Pole, steph curry jersey. Love, Kallen Henderson
Dear Santa, I have been good. Can I plees have a OSU man and tiney shoes. I would also like batman3 and a Stef Curry hoodee. Thank you Santa. Love, Landon Kendall
Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I would like to have a rock Stardoll, unicorn stuffed animal, crafts, and a Christmas barbie set. How are your reindeers? Please help everyone be nice and get what they need. God bless you santa! Please let everyone have food and water. I Love you santa! Love, Trudy
Dear Santa, Could you bring me a Skylanders Imaginators? Love, Hunter
Dear Santa, My Life Doll, Play Makeup, Furby, Frozen Movie. Love, Gracie
Dear Santa, I want a NERF terrascout and minidrone. I hope all kids get a present from santa. Love, Tyler
Dear Santa, for Christmas I want a Nintendo 3 d s, Xbox 1 games, a gun for huwting and a ps4. Thank you. Love, Denton
Dear Santa, I would like a zip line for Christmas and would like you to make sure every kid gets a present. Love, Jaxee Dodd
Dear Santa, I want a Dallas cowdoy football. I am having fun in shcool.  Thank you for the elf to come back. Love, Ethan
Dear Santa, I have been good. I’ve missed you. I can’t wait until cristmas. I can’t wait until you get here I love you Santa. I can’t wait until I open presents from you. it is nice of you to bring me presents. Can you bring my little baby sister something too it would be good if you did thank you if you did. Love, Zayna
Dear Santa, hi my naem is Noah I wish for Lego Dimensions. I like Santa because Santa is cool, because to me I like You Santa. I like your reindeer, because thay are cool, I like chritmas because, are the elves ok, because, I like the cristmas lights. Hav a grat chritnas. Love, Noah
Dear Santa, my name is JaYlen Greene. For cnnstmas i would Clothes remote a xBox3 PlaY Station Bike Pair of nike Shoes a remote dinosauar a chicago a remote Board Battery RV cartablet with games some Bod Hid high Body spray Ricures of you and the elfs. A ride with Dash the reindeer two WWe wrestling guys a shalitramPolin A Swimming poo a fishing pole please and Thank you. Love, Jaylen Greene
Dear Santa, I want hello neighbor game. I like pS3 too. I want 1 billiondollarS. Love, Jack

Mrs. Silver’s First Grade
Dear Santa, I have been a very good boy this year. I’ve had good grades in school all year I help keep my room clean. this year I just am asking for a things: A tablet and the gome Bounce off. thank you santa. Your frience. Love, Bradley perryman
Dear Santa, I want for Christmas a computer and a blue fitbit. I have been a good boy this year. I Love you Santa. Love, Cletus Yeatts
Dear Santa, How is Rudolph? My elf Nippy is cool. May I have a Bike and a phone case for Christmas? My class elf Jingles has earmuffs on. Love, Braylee Kyle
Dear Santa, I have bin a good Boy I wot a tethrball and a robot moke and a stofted amimi Bone and a roBot dog. Merry Christmas, Santa. thank you. Love, Kole Wilkerson
Dear Santa, I wish I could help all the kids who don’t get presents get one thing they really want. Can you help me? I like num nums and shopkins and A pony. thank you. Love, Abbie Jo Gage
Dear Santa, Hello my name is Dante Briggs. I Have been a good boy Please could you bring me a sonic x toy and sonic cd toy. Love, Dante
Dear Santa, I want for christmas a vr glasses, vr game, white watch, bb gun, football uniform, thunbers uniform, BasketBall, BaskBall goal, Dirt Bike. Love Bodhi
Dear Santa, I want a pair of shoes and a stuffed bunny and a phone thank you Santa oh I for gat I want a remote control car. ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho Love, Alexis
Dear Santa, I want lego cite legos, lego cite mine figer, mincraft games, dron with a kamera, Starwors lego games. Love, Ben
Dear Santa, I want a Balerina and Balerina SliPPers. oh and I want It whITe. I want a Troll movie. I Love Santa. Love, Kendree
Dear Santa, This christmas I hope every kid gets to have a toy pray every family has a blessed holiday and a merry christmas. Could I have a remote controlled car. Love, Malachi
Dear Santa, a farm set, a drone, a cowgirl a American girl, doll that comes with a horse with a pen and Buckets, a troll bed a books for a Lolrcon a toy horse that has a rope on it with a cowgirl markor and coronc a Papin. Love, Baylee
Dear Santa, I have been a good boy this year for Chrstmas I woud like Some Vines and a Teenaage mutant Ninja turtle out of the Shadows playset. Love, Dasan
Dear Santa, A lechric modrsicol. A lechric dirt bike. A tree fort. Love, Nate
Dear Santa, For being a really good girl and only telling my brothers what to do, I would like a Rapunzel baby. I would also love to have a scooter and a pretty pony. Please bring gifts to other boys and girls. Thank yoou Santa! Love, Dalyla
Dear Santa, My name is Aminah Wallace. I wuld like 2 barbie cars and a Wubbl ball and more shopkins and a new ancbet. I am 6 my broth  is 4. I Love you Santa. Love, Aminah
Dear Santa, a 4 wheeler a really nice one and a hover board. Love, Colt
Dear Santa, I won’t some cole plees I also a Hippe Toss and a woblbbl ball. Love, Jakeb
Dear Santa, I want a toy truck, toy jeep and a big ball that you can blow up with a blowing thing that blows balloons up and I want crayons for Christmas and another toy jeep. Love, William