HEALDTON — Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant says his department is assisting Healdton police in investigating the circumstances that left a 24-year-old man hospitalized with a gunshot wound, an 18-year-old male behind bars facing possible charges as the gunman and a 43-year-old woman with “bumps and bruises” resulting from a domestic altercation.
Bryant said the shooting occurred about 6:50 p.m. Thursday at a Texas Street residence, located near the intersection of  Texas and Ruth Streets.
“There was a domestic altercation between the woman and the 24-year-old man — a physical altercation. The 18-year-old, who is the son of the woman, shot the 24-year-old one time in the abdomen,” Bryant said.
The victim was taken to Mercy Hospital-Ardmore where he was admitted in what was only described as stable condition.
Meanwhile, the .22 caliber handgun used in the shooting was recovered and the teenage shooter is detained pending the outcome of the investigation. But, the teen may not be the only one facing charges.  The sheriff added it is possible the gunshot victim could  face charges in connection with the circumstances that led to the shooting.
Bryant said the preliminary investigation results appear to indicate the woman and the victim have been involved an ongoing domestic abuse situation.
“From everything I was told this evening this has been continuing and possibly a progressively worsening situation,” the sheriff said late Thursday, adding while the woman had sustained minor injuries in the early evening altercation she had not been seriously injured and was not hospitalized.
However, Bryant also cautioned the investigation remains ongoing.
“This is Healdton Police Department’s case. They are in the lead. The sheriff’s department is only assisting in this inquiry,” he said.