A 25-year-old Ringling man apparently needed a ride to an Ardmore liquor store Thursday afternoon, so he got behind the wheel of a car he didn’t own and hadn’t legitimately borrowed.
Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said Thurman Hammons was apprehended when Lone Grove police spotted him behind the wheel of a vehicle that had been reported stolen. Hammons attempted to flee. It was an action that resulted in a pursuit involving Carter County deputies, as well as Lone Grove and Ardmore police.
Apparently deciding to try and  out drive lawmen wasn’t working to his advantage, Hammons slowed and reportedly “coasted”  into a fence in the 4600 block of 12th Avenue NW. He then abandoned his illegal ride and ran into a wooded area. Bryant said within minutes the would be fugitive was apprehended by Capt. Keith Ingle, APD Criminal Investigations Division.
But the hobbled ride in the stolen car wasn’t totally unproductive for Hammons. APD reports indicate his arrest came during what is believed to have been his return trip to Ringling. Shortly before Hammons’ was spotted in the stolen ride, Ardmore officers took a report at a local liquor store concerning a brief shopping excursion in which he had snatched a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of tequila before fleeing in the stolen car he arrived in.
The stolen property was recovered.
Hammons remains detained pending formal charges.