Carter County Commissioners awarded the Noble Energy remodel project Tuesday to low bidder Pope Contracting, Inc., of Oklahoma City.  
The company bid $1,184,500 for the renovations and the county’s architect Larry Blackledge said, “they’re ready to go.”  
“I’ve talked to the contractor, they are ready to start construction of the project,” Blackledge told the commissioners. “They feel like they could finish it in October and that’s well ahead of the deadline.”
Blackledge said the next step will be for the company to get its insurance and bonds together and then he will put together a contract. The contract will then need to be approved by the county and Southern Oklahoma Development Association since they awarded grant money to bring the building into compliance with the American Disabilities Act.
Other bids received by the county for the project included:
• Fenix Constructors, Inc.: $1,298,000
• Kornhass Construction, Inc.: $1,198,000
• Midway Construction, Inc.: $1,311,246

Memorial Bridge
The commissioners also opened bids for the reconstruction of Memorial Bridge over Cottonwood Creek in District 3 on Tuesday. There were three bids for materials and two for labor.
“Since Aaron is the engineer and he couldn’t be here, I would like to make a motion and table this and give him a chance to look at it, make sure we’re complete before we award this,” District 3 Commissioner Jerry Alvord said.
Bids included the following:
• Sunbelt: $64,588.14, materials
• River Ridge: $71,347.95 materials; $557,653, labor
• Railroad Yard: $58,990.77 materials; $450,000 labor

District 3 received a refund from the County Road and Bridge Fund of $65,141.86 after completing Midway Bridge.
“The CBRIF County Road and Bridge Fund is set up to refund each individual district for the bridges built. The individual districts need to front the money and that is to be expected so that there’s quality-level (work),” Alvord said.
Refunds are only received for small, force account bridges and must be built to meet minimum standards of 24-foot wide and withstand a minimum of 23 tons, he said.
“That was set up in that fashion so you couldn’t go out and build a bridge that didn’t satisfy traffic needs and still get refunded for it,” Alvord said.
Other items approved by commissioners Tuesday included the following:
• Transferring DEQ grant funds to the correct account
• Declaring a broken Sharp Calculator from the treasurer’s office as surplus
• Two road crossing permits for Chickasaw Telephone Company in districts 1 and 2, bore only
• County officers’ reports
• Requisitions and purchase orders for county highway, general government and all cash accounts