With a line of refreshments, cupcakes, hors d’oeuvres and a performance filled with drama and sharp theatrics, the Ardmore City Schools Board of Education reception was filled with guests, educators and administrators.
Welcoming guests and the community into the reception to kick off Board Recognition Month, ACS put on the reception as a way for the community and the school to come together to honor the five board members who dedicate time to the district. ACS superintendent Kim Holland opened the event thanking the board members before introducing Abbigail Stewart, with The ACT, to perform her dramatic interpretation competition piece.
“I think you will all be blessed by her performance,” Holland said shortly before the performance.
Stewart, performing a piece portraying Judy Garland on the last night before her death, wowed the crowd with her astonishing and methodical portrayal of the actress and singer. The heart wrenching piece had many in the audience in tears, prompting a standing ovation from the crowd following the performance.
The recognitions continued into the regular board of education meeting, which followed the reception. The meeting opened with Ardmore Middle School assistant principal John Black presenting the board with a sign made by the students thanking them for their service and cards for each member.  
“We just wanted to honor you guys and all that you do,” Black said. “This is just a thank you from all our students.”
The recognitions didn’t stop there. Walking up to the tables in front of the board members with a handful of carefully handcrafted signs, cards and notes, Charles Evans principal Denise Brunk and assistant principal Lacy Mitchell presented the board with the items and a curiously tied yellow roll of paper, which the two rolled out to present to the board.
“We asked our individual classes what they wanted to do and how they wanted to honor you guys,”  Brunk said smiling. “We have a whole mixture of creative thank yous from our classes. And one really big one from our fourth grade.
“You got a banner,” Brunk said with a smile as she prompted the board members to hold the banner for a photo.
Each board member was handed a stack of dedicated thank you cards and creations from the classes at the elementary school and the board members returned to their seats, their faces glowing from the surprise items.
“This is just wonderful,” ACS board member Carey Baldwin said as she held the large banner signed by all of the fourth graders of Charles Evans.
Finally, as a final thank you before a crowd of people packed into the board room, Holland presented each board member with a certificate for their efforts and devotion to the district.
“Thank you for all your work,” Holland told the board. “Thank you for showing interest in our kids and sacrificing your time for our kids.”