Carter County District 2 Commissioner Bill Baker presented two resolutions to the board Monday in order to help a municipality and a public school in his district. 

The agreements are something approved by each district, whether it’s with Lone Grove or the city of Ardmore that help the city and county work together, typically for road maintenance. 

“There is no such thing as the city of Fox, but they have a need for things that we can help them with and this is going to make it where we can do that,” Baker said. 

After being approved by county commissioners, the resolution will be voted on by the Fox school board. 

Commissioners also approved a similar agreement with the city of Healdton. 

“We have one of these in place with Ratliff City,” Baker said. “Got to looking into it and for whatever reason we did not have one (with Healdton) so we’re getting this done so that we will be able to be of some kind of assistance to them, as well as other communities in our county.” 

The agreements will be brought up and voted on again at the beginning of the new fiscal year, Baker added. 

Commissioners tabled an item to advertise for bids for miscellaneous vehicles from the sheriff’s department after some discussion. District 1 Commissioner Joe David McReynolds said he had several vehicles and some miscellaneous items, as well, and talked about the possibility of an auction. 

“It does put a lot of work on the clerk’s office, organizing, and on the maintenance guys, hiking stuff in and out,” District 3 Commissioner Jerry Alvord said of the auction. 

Alvord said it may also be prudent to wait until items are moved out of the Noble Energy building since there will likely be a lot of items they will need to surplus at that time. Commissioners and the sheriff decided to discuss the possibility of the auction with the county clerk at a later date.