Ardmore Beautification Council has been presented the Keep American Beautiful’s President’s Circle Award.
The award, presented during the Keep America Beautiful National Conference in Washington, DC, recognizes exemplary performance by certified affiliates of the national nonprofit in creating clean, green and beautiful communities.
“ABC is so thrilled to be a part of the nationwide network of organizations with missions to end litter, promote recycling and beautify their communities,” said Julie Maher, ABC executive director. “We are especially proud to receive the Presidents Circle Award for our efforts in helping our community be the best it can be.”
Jeanette Nance, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful executive director, said ABC qualified for a President’s Circle Award, by meeting Keep America Beautiful’s standards of merit through an annual Community Appearance Index, calculating the affiliate’s cost/benefit ratio, and administering activities in the areas of: ending littering, improving recycling, and beautifying Oklahoma’s communities.
Maher called the local group’s affiliation with the national organization “rewarding and humbling.” She added, “It was so exciting to see and hear from many other affiliates with the same mission as ABC's — to care for and beautify our communities to the best of our abilities. We all believe that working together to create clean green and beautiful communities will indeed create exciting livable, creative, fun environments for us to live in, work in, relax in and enjoy our spare time in.”
The national conference brought together more than 350 Keep America Beautiful affiliates, business leaders, policymakers and other experts who shared innovative ideas and proven strategies to help improve issues such as littering, recycling and community beautification efforts.
Becky Lyons, Keep America Beautiful COO, said affiliates, like ABC, are the organization’s “most effective tool …our grassroots network of affiliate organizations has an impact on millions of Americans each year. Our affiliates are providing real solutions that help create communities that are socially connected, environmentally healthy and economically sound.”
Established in 1953, Keep America Beautiful consists of a national network of more than 620 community-based affiliates whose programs, initiatives and efforts, supported by millions of volunteers, help transform public spaces into beautiful places.