Demolition of the JC Yeatts Furniture and Appliance building on Main Street is expected to continue, and hopefully be completed, this weekend.
Assistant City Manager Kevin Boatright said the contractor attempted to get a majority of the work done Jan. 28, but there were issues with equipment.
“We knew that Sunday would be a good day because most of the businesses in there are not open on Sunday,” he said. “They’re gonna come back this weekend, because if we have to shut down more of Main on a weekend it seems to affect businesses less, particularly on Sunday.”
Boatright said they are hoping the demolition will be completed this weekend. Surrounding businesses have been able to remain open while the demolition is put on hold, but once work begins they will have to close their doors during that time.
While there is concern for the businesses, the city’s number one concern is public safety.
“Public safety is really our only issue because it’s a privately-owned building contracted with JC Yeatts, the property owner,” he said. “Our only job is to make sure it’s done safely and correctly and hopefully preserve the property that surrounds it.”
Main Street will be blocked off while demolition occurs.