MARIETTA—Former Love County Sheriff Marion “Joe” Russell accepted a plea deal from the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office on Monday. 

Russell, 62, of Leon, was arrested in July 2016 and booked into his own jail, facing two counts of corruption in office, two counts of habitual or willful neglect of duty and one count of willful maladministration. Russell was also facing charges harboring a fugitive from justice and maintaining a house where drugs were kept. The Ardmoreite previously reported the allegations stemmed from Russell allowing several individuals to use meth inside his home. 

The willful maladministration accusation stemmed from Russell allegedly allowing James Conn Nipp, his nephew, to meet with family members, unattended, in a deputy’s office where evidence is kept. Nipp is alleged to be connected to the disappearance of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes. 

With the plea deal, the felony charges were dropped and Russell agreed to a misdemeanor charge and one year deferred sentence, Love County officials told The Ardmoreite on Monday. 

Russell resigned from his office last year amid the allegations.