Editor’s note: It’s no secret there are hard working dogs and cats. But while some are tending to traditional animal jobs, like herding cattle or mousing in barns, others are going to work with their owners and are performing “people” jobs at local stores, offices or job sites, like Achilles, who is second in command and at the only canine employee at the Q Street SW EZ Shop.

-Names and occupation:
Like many pets who have found jobs with their humans, Achilles’ life started on a rough note. His human, Andy Davis, said the now 2 1/2-year-old Labrador was found as a puppy underneath an abandoned mobile. “The girl who found him couldn’t keep him. So she posted him on Facebook. I saw him and knew he belonged with me,” Davis explained.
Today Achilles goes where Davis goes, including the store where he has developed a fan club of regular customers who look forward to seeing him as part of their shopping experience.

-Special talents:
Achilles has multiple responsibilities at the store. His main job is greeting customers, which is easy for the good-natured, people-loving black Lab. But, he has a special devotion to children who come into the store. “He loves kids,” Davis said. “He loves playing with the kids.”
When Achilles works inside, he can generally be found lying on the floor mats in the front store. Why? Because that vantage point allows him to do more than one job at a time, of course. Not only can Achilles meet and greet, but he can also keep a keen eye on everything that goes on. After all, what kind of a Labrador would he be if he didn’t take his jobs seriously and store security is serious business.
In fact, part of the time Achilles takes his security job outside and into the parking lot. While that part of the job includes the entire lot, Achilles especially focuses on his “ride,” also known as Davis’ vehicle. When he is particularly in auto theft prevention mode he can be found, lying directly behind his personal vehicle.
However, other times he finds it more beneficial to lie on the sidewalk in front of the store, giving him a panoramic view of the comings and goings of the entire parking lot and fill ups at the gas tanks.

-What makes Achilles perfect for his  people job?
Achilles is always ready for anything and everything, but he’s no push over. He has no problem speaking his mind, especially when it’s time for a work break and a game of frisbee or ball in the parking lot. Not only does Achilles love demonstrating his skills and talents at catching his favorite  frisbee mid-air or a ball, he isn’t opposed to admiring customers taking a break from their daily routines to watch the impromptu sporting event.
And, there’s not doubt who is in charge of these mini shows. Achilles voices encouragement to Davis to throw  when his human is a little slow on the uptake, or when Davis tires of the game before his best buddy and the store’s second in command.

If you have or know of a dog or cat that works a people job let us know. Send an email to yournews@ardmoreite.com with the animal’s name, the name of the owner and where the special dog or cat works and contact information.