DURANT—Mike Baird knew going into District band competition that he had a good group.

The group, in fact, was so good it made Dickson Public Schools history.

Baird and the Dickson High School band traveled to Durant last week and left with qualifications state competition in ensembles, a few solos and, for the first time in Dickson history, the full stage band. Dickson has previously qualified for state with other events, but this year marks the first time the group will compete for a superior rating in the full band setting.

“This is a good group,” Baird said of his students. “They have worked hard to get to this point.”

Baird is in his twelfth year as band director at Dickson and has seen many students go through high school and develop into incredible musicians. While the high school band is made up of grades ranging from eighth to twelfth grade, Baird said the core leaders of the group have been in band for many years.

“We have lots of veterans,” he said, noting several of the bands leaders and seniors have been with him since eighth grade. “They have helped knight the younger students.”

The band qualified and received a “1” rating with two different pieces, a march and a ballad. The march, “Advanced March,” is a faster piece with a rhythmic beat. The ballad, “Ancient Visions,” is one of the students favorite pieces to perform, according to Beard. The piece paints a picture of a time long ago, highlighting the sounds of the flute, Alto and soprano saxophones and the powerful trumpet section.

Baird said the team’s competition season is defined by their hard work and dedication.

“Determination,” Baird said is the one word that defines the group. “They’re determined to succeed and they’ve worked hard and put in the time to succeed.”

The individual events, which traveled to Durant on March 1, included three ensembles and two soloists. The students who qualified for individual state competition will travel to Stillwater March 29. The full band, which qualified for state competition on March 7, will take their two pieces to Stillwater on April 20, seeking the first “1” rating at state level competition in Dickson history.

Baird said he is confident his group’s hard work and dedication will continue to take them to uncharted territory and, potentially, could further write their names in the history of Dickson Public Schools.