Editor’s note: It’s no secret there are hard working dogs and cats. But while some are tending to traditional animal jobs, like herding cattle or mousing in barns, others are going to work with their owners and are performing “people” jobs at local stores, offices or job sites, like Rex and Lacie, Roger Hartwell’s canine employees and best friends.

-Names and occupation:
Rex, age 6, and Lacie, age 4, are Border-Aussies — Border Collie/Australian Shepherd hybrid dogs, who are more than Roger Hartwell’s employees, at Tishomingo Funeral Home. They’re also his best friends. While it may seem strange to have dogs at a funeral home, Roger says the pair has their own onsite outdoor run. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not a valued employees because it’s no secret dogs can provide a special kind of comfort it times of grief. Often times family members seek a private moment with Rex and Lacie who willingly offer a head to pet and unsolicited love.
When they’re not at work at the funeral home they are Roger’s truck copilots. A job that makes them  easy to spot throughout the area.

-Special talents:
Rex may have just celebrated his sixth birthday, but Lacie isn’t about to let an older man take her place in the limelight. “Lacie will just push Rex out of the way,” Roger says adding, “They go everywhere I go, even to church.” Most of the time the two ride in the back of Roger’s pickup, and stay with the truck when he stops. Church is one exception. The pair will disembark and lie off the front porch during services so they can meet and greet members of the congregation when services are over. Why? Because this pair knows it’s always good to make new friends and keep old friendships strong.
Although they stay with the truck in other locations, Rex and Lacie are no dummies. When Roger stops to dine, they remain with the truck, but they expect and get doggie bags/boxes with samples of the menu when he returns.
True to their breed, Rex and Lacie are versatile, vivacious and enthusiastic so they are excellent at adapting to any job that Roger might encounter throughout the day. In short, they are always ready for the next adventure.

- What makes Rex and Lacie perfect for their people jobs?
Described by fans of the breed as “the Ferrari of dogs,” Rex and Lacie are energetic and have a natural curiosity. These two may have been born to work cows, but Roger says Rex and Lacie have made it plain would rather “work people.” He says the pair is really good at  “catching everyone’s eyes and attention.”
How? Well it’s really easy for these two accomplished canines. Combined with their distinctive coats, Lacie bats her two blue eyes and Rex uses his unusual pair of eyes — one brown, one blue, to attract attention. Those eyes can speak volumes. “They may stay in the back of the truck, but I’ll come out of a store and they will have managed to get people to come over and mess with them,” Roger explains adding while the two may be “spoiled rotten, they especially love kids.”

If you have or know of a dog or cat that works a people job let us know. Send an email to yournews@ardmoreite.com with the animal’s name, the name of the owner and where the special dog or cat works and contact information.