The University Center of Southern Oklahoma is making moves to complete a transition into its new facilities.

The UCSO Board of Trustees discussed the transition into the new campus during the March 30 bimonthly board meeting, which was conducted in the new Health, Science and Math Center. The building has been in use since January by the East Central University nursing program and the final touches are being made to transition more of the university center staff into the new facilities.

“We’re looking to have all personnel and partners in the new facilities as soon as we can,” Gary Farabough, UCSO chairman, said of the transition. Farabough said the goal is to complete the transition sometime this coming summer.

Cynthia Jordan, board trustee and a member of the transition committee, advised UCSO will vacate the offices and classrooms in the location on Veterans Boulevard and move to the new building. Ardmore City Schools administration will move into the facility and use it as its administrative center. The two entities have been in discussions about the facilities, which ACS owns, in recent months as ACS looks to move administration in a more centralized location and UCSO transitions to its new campus.

UCSO will maintain its library and some classrooms on the north side of the facility.

“Everybody is happy,” Farabough said of the plan, noting the board is excited to have the new building be the central point of the campus.

The academic advising staffs for Murray State College, East Central University and Southeastern Oklahoma State University will be included in the transition plan along with the UCSO administration. The moving will allow the universities to be in the same office area, making enrollment, advising and financial aid services more accessible to students.

With the transition beginning to hit its strides, the board discussed the importance of moving forward on plans to construct the next building, the Academic and Administrative Center, at the new campus so all programs and services can be in the same location. UCSO has preliminary plans to build several more buildings at the new campus, with the Health, Science and Math Center being the first of many facilities in the plan.

In line with the transition, the board approved the transfer of $75,000 from cash reserves to purchase furnishings and equipment for rooms and office space at the Health, Science and math Center. The board had previously approved a portion of the funds for the new furniture and equipment and approved furnishing the remainder. The purchases will complete the new facility, which will enable all academic advising staffs to move and all classrooms to be equipped for use.