A former Ardmore preacher convicted in November of 10-counts of second-degree forgery was back in Carter County District Court Wednesday. This time Willie Tiller appeared before District judge Dennis Morris concerning restitution of the $108,800 he took from a daycare center associated with the local church he pastored.
District Attorney Craig Ladd presented evidence concerning the total amount of the 10 checks Tiller was convicted of forging from the First Touch Learning Center. Out of that amount, the daycare has recovered $5,000 from an insurance claim, which could not be considered part of the amount owed the victim (daycare center). The judge was told Tiller and his attorney, Lori Combs, had reached an agreement with the district attorney’s office to repay $98,800.  
Morris accepted the agreement, telling Tiller he will have 30 days upon his release from prison to negotiate an acceptable repayment plan.
The former pastor of the First Baptist Church, located at 16 E St. NE,  is serving a 10 year prison term. It was the sentence the jurors, who returned the 10 guilty verdicts against him, recommended. Morris, who
presided over the trial, formally sentenced Tiller in December. At the time the minster apologized to the court for his actions that led to his conviction. Morris told Tiller during sentencing he would be returned to his courtroom at a later date on the issue of restitution.
“Judge Morris imposed the sentences recommended by the jury — one year for each count and ran them consecutively for a total of 10 years,” said Ladd while discussing the sentencing hearing. “The judge emphasized that the money stolen was not money stolen from the church but a daycare center affiliated with the church (approximately 75 percent of the stolen money was from government dollars funded by taxpayers). Therefore the money taken as intended to directly benefit children.”
Tiller was returned to Carter County for the hearing, he will be transported back to the Jess Dunn Correctional Center, located at Taft, where he is currently serving his sentence.