The city of Ardmore is looking to make important information more accessible to citizens in the near future. 

Tentatively starting next week, the city will be utilizing different media for relaying information, including videos, audio and social media. The new media will be integrated through the city’s different social media accounts, website and other avenues that patrons and citizens currently use for information. 

“People look for information in different ways,” Kevin Boatright, Ardmore assistant city manager, said. “We want to provide access about the projects and help them stay informed.” 

The new media includes platform specific content in the form of videos, which will provide citizens with information about ongoing projects, upcoming events and other important information. Boatright said the city began looking at how other municipalities relay information and found some strategies that utilize social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Channel 56 (Cable One) will be a big part of the city’s information pipeline. A new platform, Nextdoor, will also be a big part of the relaying of information. 

Nextdoor, described as a social network for neighborhoods, allows information that directly affects a specific area to be relayed to citizens, which the city plans to use to inform a certain area of issues like water line repairs or upcoming projects. The platform also allows citizens to communicate with one another about things going on in the neighborhood that may not pertain to the city, maximizing communication. 

Boatright said the videos have been tailored for specific platforms, with short form videos for social media and long form videos made for the website. He said the new media will allow the city to communicate information easily to citizens in a variety of different methods. The video format will also make the information easily sharable. 

“It allows us to communicate city wide,” he said. “We’re hoping between the combination of all the websites this will give additional ways that talk about our projects.”

Robert Newell, city of Ardmore director of IT, said the city noted that many users of the website and social media platforms are viewing content on their mobile devices and have taken that into account in preparing the new media. 

“We’re trying to hit the one’s they use,” Newell said of different formats and platforms. “Everything we do is cross-platform.” 

Boatright said the videos will allow the city to provide up-to-date data and information about specific projects, such as the work on Stanley Street, as construction is just beginning on the east side of Commerce on the project. He said by using different media, the city can reach more citizens with information. 

“I think it’s another avenue,” Newell said. “Anything we do we get it out there.” 

Newell said the information won’t be limited to just projects. Some city-wide events will also be filmed, with recaps or previews of events being distributed as well. Newell said once the new media is released it will be distributed at a regular rate on the different platforms.