If you walked into the office at Oak Hall Episcopal School on Thursday you may have noticed something was different.
Students wore different clothes, were chewing gum and had their electronics at school. Normally these things would go against policy at the school. But the Oak Hall Headmasters said the behaviors followed the rules exactly.
Well, at least for the day.
On Thursday two Oak Hall students served as “Headmasters of the Day” at the school, being given the reigns of the school to make some executive decisions and implement rule changes for a day. The students, siblings Lily Hobbs and Jay Lodes, were given their titles after their grandparents purchased the “Headmasters of the Day” item at the annual Oak Hall Auction.
While the siblings left school on Wednesday as normal students, when they stepped through the doors on Thursday they took charge.
“We made rules,” Hobbs, a seventh grader, said. “We went around and did a survey of everyone.”
“We have different rules this year,” Lodes, an Oak Hall first grader, said. Lodes explained that the duo also served as Headmasters last year, so they are veterans of directing the school for a day.
The brother and sister combo said they brought back some popular rules from last year, such as free dress (meaning no uniform), allowing chewing gum and electronic games and bringing a soda pop for lunch. They also implemented new rules this year, including providing an extra recess and requesting every class play volleyball during PE class.
Ken Willy, Oak Hall Episcopal’s Headmaster on every other day of the year, seemed impressed by the student’s success as Headmasters.
“I think they’re very popular,” Willy laughed. “It’s not a popularity contest but they’re very popular.
“It’s just meant to be a lot of fun and the other kids respond well to it.”
“They’re really happy,” Hobbs said of the other students’ reaction to their day in charge. “Oh yeah we’re very successful.”
During the day, Hobbs and Lodes would make announcements, check in on their friends and had access to the PE class of each grade level, if they wanted to join in. They were also able to invite one of their friends to a lunch with the staff.
“They can call their friends up to the office,” Willy said. “You know usually kids don’t like to get called up to the office but in this case it’s not all that bad.”
Willy said the day has been part of the auction for many years at Oak Hall and the transition of power has always gone smoothly for the day. Importantly, the day serves as a chance for the student body to have a fun day while also being in school.
“I think the children who do the Headmaster for a day have the right spirit about it,” he said. “They have the right balance between being a little bit silly and having lots of fun and having the work of the school continue.”