Progress is being made on the demolition of the JC Yeatts Furniture and Appliance building, according to a statement released by the city of Ardmore on Thursday.
“Demolition activities continue this week on Main Street, but we feel things are getting close to complete,” the statements reads. “For the next few weeks, the focal point will be any remaining demolition and safe removal of the debris from the site.
“At this stage, we expect demolition and debris removal to continue for several more weeks.”  
The Main Street building collapsed in the waning hours of Dec. 6, prompting the closing of Main Street at the time. Eventually, the road was reopened, but limited to two lanes. Demolition on the collapsed building began in December, with the city of Ardmore removing the slouching facade for public safety reasons. Since then, the demolition process has been slowed due to the nature of the deconstruction required.
JD Spohn, Ardmore city manager, said city officials have been in communication with business owners in the Main Street area throughout the process and will continue to communicate the next steps as they begin.
The furniture store originally neighbored a building purchased by Noble Energy, which was torn down and expected to be replaced. However, when Noble Energy relocated, the company made plans to give back to the community by constructing a pocket park in the vacant lot.
In the release, the city said it has continued to have conversations with Noble Energy and “look forward to working together on the next phase of construction.”
“We continue to have conversations with the city of Ardmore and various business leaders on next steps once demolition has been safely completed,” Bob Marlatt, vice president of corporate real estate and administration, said in the statement. “Over the next few weeks, we will discuss additional opportunities for the site and make sure the current Pocket Park plan remains the best long term fit for Main Street.”