The Fast and Furriest adoption event/car show kicked off bright and early Saturday at Heritage Hall allowing visitors ample time to view a plethora of classic cars while mingling with a large collection of dogs who were looking for a new forever home.  
Diane Hagler, founder of the Stray Dog Ranch, brought along Louise, a pitbull type, to the event. Louise was up to date on all her vaccines, even gave one man a hug before he went outside to look at the cars.
“She’s a really sweet girl,” Hagler said.
Also with the Stray Dog ranch was Ruth and her puppies. The puppies were playful little things, nipping and biting at each others ears as they ran around their cage.
“They came from the Marietta Shelter,” Hagler said.
One of the other dogs at the event was named Smiley. She was with the Southern Oklahoma Animal Resources group run by Kathy Germany and Scott Sutherland. “Smiley was trained at Holdenville prison where she participated in the Pen-Pal Program,” Germany said.
The Pen-Pal program is a program that allowed Smiley to live in the cell with an inmate for 10 weeks. During those 10 weeks Smiley was trained as a therapy and companion dog.
“All the dogs at SOAR are trained there.” Germany said.
Smiley is an 18-month, 35-pound catahoula-lab mix, who has quite a few tricks thanks to her training. When someone drops their keys Smiley knows how to pick them up and give them back to the owner. At the same time if orange peels get dropped on the floor, Smiley knows not to pick them up. But that isn’t all she can do, when a person points to their forearm, Smiley will put her paws on the spot and bow her head in a prayer stance.
“She can also open and close doors.” Germany said. An example of this useful talent is that Smiley can get a water bottle out of the fridge. “My mom is in a wheel chair and so Smiley can go open and close the fridge to help get her some water.”
One of SOAR’s other dogs is Romeo. Romeo has a sister named Juliet. He is a Great Pyrenees-border collie mix. Romeo is about 125 pounds and “He’s my reading dog,” Germany said. She takes Romeo to Oak Hall with her.
“He’ll lay down during reading time and let the children lay with him,” Germany said.
Inside where the adoptions were happening, their was a free lemonade stand next to Germany’s booth, and a booth selling dog toys and treats as well. Blow up inflatables for the kids were also inside. The inflatables consisted of a bouncy castle and two different obstacle courses.