Editor’s note: For the next 7 weeks the Ardmoreite will feature profiles on current vendors participating in the Farmers’ Market on Broadway.  

Name and occupation: Tammy and David Byars

Putting in hard work can have a big payoff and even lead to accomplishing the dreams and goals that one wishes to accomplish. One family that has shown this to be true is the Byars family.

Tammy Byars, the manager of the Farmers’ Market on Broadway, has spent four years selling produce with her husband, David Byars. David is a rodeo judge and his youngest son rides bulls and participates in both the UPRA and the TCRA rodeo associations. Even Tammy was a part of the rodeo for years, working as a rodeo secretary. The Byars run the Byars Family Farm which grows and sells produce.

What they sell:

The Byers participate in the Chickasaw summer and winter program, which Tammy said allows them to grow produce throughout the year. 

The Byars Family Farm regularly Japanese egg plants, squash, cherry tomatoes and large onions at the Farmers’ Market on 106 E. Broadway. The only fruits they sell are watermelon and cantaloupe. Whether it be fruit or vegetable though, all their produce is grown in their garden. 

Road to the market:

While the Byars have always raised chickens, horses and cattle, they have not always tended a garden. What they did have was an arena, which was once used for roping for their three boys. The kids used the roping arena throughout high school while participating in rodeo. 

Tammy had, however, always wanted to participate in the Farmers’ Market. Her mom’s family was always involved with agriculture. 

“We grew up around farming,” Byars said.

So once their kids grew up and the arena usage slowed down, the Byars made the decision to tear down the arena and put a garden in its space. 

When their garden first began, “it was 20 x 80 foot,” David said. The garden eventually grew bigger though, and that dream of participating in the Farmers’ Market became a reality. Every dream has hard work that must be done to see it through and this stands true for the Byars. Between three people it takes 16 hours a day to keep up with their garden. 

“Now the garden is just over two acres.” Tammy said.