Davis City Council approved their budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which features plans to repave several city streets. 

The budget, which the council approved unanimously last Monday, gives the city the go ahead to repave 3rd Street, and overlay 25 additional blocks in the city. These road projects, though routine will cost the city greatly. Repaving 3rd Street is expected to cost more than $500,000, Davis City Manager Tom Graham said. 

“Our expenses keep going up, so we’re just going to keep trying to get it (the budget) to balance,” Graham said. “We don’t have a lot of fluff in our budget. We’re ending this year with what appears to be an eight percent drop in sales tax revenue.” 

The road projects aren’t set to begin until after the new high school is finished, because officials don’t want the work trucks tearing up their road. 

Davis’ budget allots $1.5 million to the municipal authority fund, $3.3 million to the needs of Turner Falls,  $2 million to the cities general fund, and an additional  $600,000 to be used for street maintenance. 

The money to maintain the roads in Davis largely comes from 

those who visit Turner Falls. One dollar from each person’s entry fee is put into the general fund to be explicitly used for maintaining roads. 

Though the city has seen a decline in sales tax revenue, city officials are hopeful that growth will come after the two new housing developments in the area are complete. 

“We’re anticipating some growth, but we haven’t really grown in 20 years to be honest,” Graham said. “But we have that housing development, and some new mom-and-pop businesses, so we hope to grow.” 

Davis and Sulphur have joined forces and hired a retail consultant to see how the sister cities can attract new businesses to the area, only time will tell if their attempts were successful.