HEALDTON — The Carter County Commissioners approved moving an extra storm siren to outside the District Two County Barn, in an effort to extend the sirens coverage to an area that has been without warning. 

The decision came after recent storms at the end of May caused significant damage to homes in the Old Vickery housing addition in Healdton. The siren will be fastened to a pole outside the barn, in the hopes that the Old Vickery homeowners will be able to better hear the warning sirens. 

“One of our shortfalls is the Old Vickery addition, and they have been hit twice and they can’t hear the sirens in town,” Healdton Police Chief Johnny Turner said. “The tornado a few weeks ago, near Wilson, brought high winds and caused a lot of damage. But, pretty much all the damage we sustained was out there in Old Vickery.” 

The siren will not cost the county any additional money, because its use will be paid for by the city of Healdton. The city has two sirens that are not currently being used. Turner hopes to use one of these at the county barn. But, Turner said that these sirens are old and he’s not sure if they are in working condition.  

If they aren’t, the city of Healdton will have to pay up to $5,900 to make either of the two sirens operational, and wait for the city council to approve the funding before the siren is moved. 

Carter County District Two Commissioner Bill Baker led the charge in getting the commissioners on board. The decision was unanimously approved at the commissioner’s regular meeting Monday. 

“If we can help facilitate that, and provide warning to the constituents in the area, then it’s a good idea,” Baker said.