Editor’s Note: For the next 5 weeks the Ardmoreite will feature profiles on current vendors participating in the Farmers’ Market on Broadway.
• Carter family: From teaching to gardening to a little bit of knitting, the Carter family have done each of these.Pam Carter and her husband John Carter have their farm in Kingston. While the farm is in Kingston the Carter family lives in Madill. John has had a garden all his life, but 15 years ago Pam and John bought a garden together.
The Carter’s company is called Carter House Farm. The Carter House Farm is selling produce and other goodies at the Farmers’ Market on Broadway. Most of their products came right from their garden, but a few were made by Pam.

Products: The Carter family sells produce at the market along with crafts made by Pam. “After retiring from teaching, my husband and I had a garden,” Pam said, “and it just grew bigger and bigger.” The Carter House Farm then began selling their sweet onions, squash, and other home grown produce.
Another item on sale at the Carter House Farm booth was burping cloths, which she started making when her granddaughter was using them. “Then I moved on to bows, when she started using those,” Pam said.

Getting to the farm: Pam also said that she used to work in the winter and got a break during the summer. “Now my husband and I do the opposite,” she said. The Carters were both teachers, which is why they were once allowed a break during summer.
Now that they are no longer teaching, the Carters sell produce. Their time is now spent planting and growing produce in the summer while they get their break during the winter.
In her spare time, Pam also makes Halloween costumes for her granddaughter. “She has been a lot of princesses.” Pam said. Pam also said that her granddaughter has a friend and the two always tricker treats together. “I always make complementary Halloween costumes.” Pam said.