Construction on the Love County Justice Center has stopped as commissioners fired the contractors who were supposed to lay the concrete slab. 

Commissioners held a special meeting near the end of last month and voted on firing OK Building Solutions LLC, who have set the jail’s construction back months, said Bill Freeman, the county’s construction consultant. 

“Their contract has been terminated because of issues with their performance,” Freeman said. “Our project has been shut down, and the bonding company will have to find another contractor for the slab.” 

Love County Sheriff Marty Grisham added, “Sometimes the crew wouldn’t even show up for work.” 

The county holds a performance bond with Western National Insurance, which means that Western National will have to find someone else for the concrete construction at the jail. Having a performance bond helps the county ensure that everyone gets their job done, or gets terminated. 

“It could be weeks before we find someone else,” Freeman said. “I would hope that we have another contractor by the first of August. It’s very important that we get this county jail up and running because our current jail is well over its capacity. Overcrowding will continue until this project is complete.” 

Freeman said that the foundation is one of the most important jobs in the jail’s construction, because without a solid foundation the whole building could crumble later on. 

Freeman was chosen to advise the county after overseeing the construction of the Cooke County, Texas jail while he was a county judge. It’s this experience that helped Freeman know he needed to advise the commission to fire the contractor. 

“I think the commissioners acted in a very professional manner and did the appropriate measure,” Freeman said. “Everyone is working diligently to get the project back on track. We’re hoping to make up some of the time we lost in the next year.”