The city of Davis allotted the funds to pay for the design of a sidewalk that will soon run along side Main Street and came up with a plan to fix its recycling program Monday evening.
A majority of the funds for the new sidewalk — 80 percent — will come from a $434,955 Oklahoma Department of Transportation grant the city was awarded to tackle the project. However, the city is responsible for the remaining 20 percent of the total cost of the project.
“Main Street is actually a state highway,” Davis City Manager Tom Graham said. “By doing this, we will be able to get ODOT to work on our road more.”
At the regular monthly meeting, Davis City Council unanimously approved making a payment of $36,239 for the sidewalk design. The new sidewalk will be put in along Main Street where it meets State Highway 77, stretching to Hazelwood Street. The 100, 200 and 300 blocks of Main Street will be skipped as they were just done a couple of years ago. The sidewalk construction will resume at the Pizza Hut and continue to the railroad tracks in town.
In addition to approving the sidewalk funds, the council committed itself to helping the Beautification Club with ongoing recycling efforts.
The Beautification Club enacted a recycling program for the city, but had some trouble in relocating the recycling to a city that has a recycling plant. The original plan was to take trailer loads of recyclable materials to Ada, but Ada’s recycling plant wouldn’t take the materials because they were not sorted.
As a result, the Beautification Club asked the council members to help with taking the recyclables to Oklahoma City one to two times a month — a task the council decided it would tackle.
The recycling efforts have been so successful that the trailers have to be dumped at a plant every 10 days.
“It seems to be pretty popular,” said Mary Ann Peters, a representative from the Beautification Club. “I think the citizens like it. I know it makes an impact on my trash.”