GENE AUTRY — Gene Autry is looking to rezone in order to enact pet ordinances in what could soon be considered the town’s residential limits.
Town council members discussed enacting an animal control policy at the regular meeting Tuesday evening.
“Some people are really concerned about loose dogs,” Gene Autry Mayor Kyle Lawson said. “In enacting these rules we won’t be overbearing. We’re not trying to step on anyone’s toes. We just want everyone to maintain their animals for the animals safety and the safety of their neighbors.”
In order to enact these ordinances the town will have to enact zoning laws that will distinguish rural and city areas of the town. Lawson said the council is looking toward the area of town that is the most densely populated as the town limits.
In the town limits, pets will have to be kept inside a fence or on a leash to prevent them from roaming free.
For the next three weeks, Lawson plans to work closely with the town attorney to write the ordinance and will examine other towns and cities that have enacted similar ordinances for guidance.
 Lawson said this is something new for Gene Autry and he hopes he is able to come to next month’s meeting with an agreeable zoning ordinance written.
The council also discussed redistricting the fire department’s response area. Fire officials said the area of responsibility is too big for the towns volunteer fire department. Town officials are looking to see if Springer may be able to alleviate some of the burden and hope to meet with the county commissioners soon to discuss redistricting.