Walmart will still be rolling back prices, but the world’s largest retailer is also rolling back its ad match program.
Walmart began phasing out its ad match program last year, and according to Charles Crowson, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications for Walmart, the Ardmore store is one of the locations set to discontinue ad-based price matching this year.
“In select stores, cashiers will no longer be able to price match at the register, from an ad or otherwise,” Crowson said, in an email.  “We understand Ad Match provided an additional layer of reassurance for customers. That’s why we’re working hard to deliver upfront low prices that customers can trust every day of the week.”
The Ardmore Walmart location said it did not know when the policy would take effect because corporate had not sent the official word.
Under the soon to be ousted policy, shoppers could bring in ads from competing stores in the area and have cashiers match the price of the items at the register — allowing consumers to make Walmart a one-stop shop for all their low prices deals.
As the end draws nearer for the price matching program, blue signs will be put up at the registers letting customers know exactly when the program will end.
According to reports, last year the retailer nixed the program in 800 stores nationwide.
However, customers, at all locations, will still be able to use the “Savings Catcher” feature of the Walmart app.  Savings Catcher compares Walmart’s prices to competition in the area and will give shoppers their money back if a lower price is found. The only catch is, instead of lining your pocket with cash, the Savings Catcher feature refunds the money on a Walmart gift card — insuring you reinvest the money in the retailer.
“Customers count on us for everyday low prices,” Crowson said. “In (impacted) markets, we’re offering customers even lower prices on the national and private-label brands they trust and want.”