MARIETTA—Congestion around the Marietta elementary schools is about to be significantly reduced.
Demolition of several old buildings on campus began Monday as the district moves forward with its plan to expand parking space at the elementary school. The space is being created by demolishing and removing the old elementary classrooms and cafeteria. Student pick-up and drop-off at the elementary has been plagued by congestion and heavy traffic.
“We do not have enough parking,” Chad Broughton, Marietta Public Schools superintendent, said. “It’s going to at least double the size of the elementary parking lot.”
Broughton said the new parking space will help alleviate some pressure on the area near the elementary. Parents often like to walk their students to and from the door, which was difficult with the previous parking space. During the spring, when students arrive at school before sunrise, parents typically make a point to walk their students into the school. Broughton said the new parking space will make that goal more feasible.
The buildings being torn down have been in place for 57 years, but recently had been used by the district as a storage space. The old elementary and cafeteria were vacated once new buildings were in place.
The construction of the parking lot was a big ticket item in the district’s $1.95 million bond issue that was passed in March. The bond issue received overwhelming support, capturing more than 90 percent of the votes. Oklahoma state law requires bond issues pass with at least 60 percent of the vote. In addition to the parking lot, the bond will fund renovations to the auditorium, band and choir classrooms and agriculture building.
The bond issue was the latest in several the district has successfully passed, which Broughton attributes to the community wanting to support the district and bond issues geared toward benefiting the students.
“This, we’re hoping will help with the flow during those peak hours of school,” Broughton said.
Broughton said the construction is scheduled to be completed by the first week of September.