Editor’s Note: For the next three weeks the Ardmoreite will feature profiles on current vendors participating in the Marketplace on Broadway.

* John and Susan Musshafen:  Many of the participants at the Marketplace on Broadway consider what they do to be a hobby.
John and Susan Musshafen are two of the people who do so. They both have full-time jobs and consider their time spent gardening and creating wood work as a hobby.
“What we do here is like a hobby to us,” Susan said.
They have been participating for four years at the market.
* Products:
 The Musshafen’s primarily grow and sell onions, tomatoes, black eyed peas, cantaloupe and zucchini. Though, according to John he could continue listing his produce for quite some time. They also sell wood working items which they make themselves.
The Musshafen family harvests the wood and make sure each item is hand sanded. They make handles for  serving trays out of horse shoes. Overall the process takes seven to eight hours to make each tray.
John has been farming practically all his life.
“I was raised in a watermelon and hay patch,” John said.
Susan has been into farming for about five years. One part of the process that Susan enjoys is the people.
“We enjoy coming to the farmers market and visiting with people.” Susan said.