The Carter County Commissioners entered agreements with nine cities, and their respective school districts, so that the county can provide aid in projects too big for the cities to handle. 

These inter-local agreements were approved at the commissioners’ regular meeting Monday morning and allow the county to help out school districts and cities who may not have the equipment to tackle many road work projects. 

Carter County Commissioner for District 2, Bill Baker, said recently these types of agreements have benefitted the city of Healdton.  

“Healdton had quite a bit of stuff that needed repair from flooding,” Baker said. “Last week we helped with some of those projects, and we will be finishing those up this week. There were some different places that had tin horn problems and needed some asphalt work done and we’re better equipped to do that because we have the machinery.” 

The city of Healdton doesn’t have the machinery to pave roads, so paving them without the county’s help would have cost the city thousands of dollars in contract work. Under the agreements, cities must pay for the supplies while the county steps up with machinery and extra manpower. 

Baker said the county doesn’t just do all the work though, they teach the city crews how to do many of the specialty tasks so that they are able to do it themselves in the future. 

“We also taught their guys how to install tin horns so now they can do the tin horn work themselves,” Baker said. 

Most of the work done in Healdton has been on Hospital Road, Hammond Street and Gilmer Street. Baker said the work on Hammond Street should finish up this week. 

Another result of this type of agreements occurred earlier this month when Jerry Alvord, county commissioner for District 3, repaved two roads for the city of Lone Grove. The commissioners said they are happy to help these cities because even though their residents live in the city limits, they are still Carter County citizens. 

The agreements will be approved at the cities’ council meetings and the schools’ board meetings.